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  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/300kzg/combat_mechanics_tutorial_guide/ Has discussion of this [–]sensuki 8 points 19 hours ago It is as I suspected - same bug as Stone and Adra Beetle. Druid Bear Claws bypass 5 DR, but it's not shown in the log. permalink save parent report give gold reply [–]quill18 3 points 18 hours ago That is incredibly potent and definitely something that should be listed. What about the other animal forms? All their claws look identical in the tooltips (except for Boar, which has bleed). permalink save parent report give gold reply [–]sensuki 5 points 18 hours ago I'll check them later. I reported the bug with Stone and Adra beetle DR bypass a few patches ago, so I'm assuming that the same bug affects all creature DR bypass. It's probably a C priority bug so it might take them a bit to fix it. At least you know about it now =P permalink save parent report give gold reply
  2. The nostalgia is so strong just watching the videos from games con- I just dled BG: Enhanced Edition which my brother gifted me and I hardly played (because I played BG back in the 90s more then enough) So if the beta can get you to go back and play the original games that's something to love.
  3. Games from 15+ years ago were quite about more challenging then most games today. Go spin up Baldur's Gate - you can get it on steam. Nothing like a flash back to the late 1990s. (Man I feel old now) I watched the 20 mins from gamescon too - watch day 2 if you want to see them get to ogre.
  4. A mage of some kind - been true for BG, IWD, BG2, etc - so why stop there. Gotta love being a squishy main character
  5. I like them all to different degrees, but I wish the side views would be a little more at an angle. They do remind me a ton of Baldur's gate - the nostalgia is strong.
  6. Jan 9th. Middle of the week is better - but since it's not an MMO maybe less critical. So I suspect Friday night.
  7. Since you don't get xp for killing things... is this dungeon going to have a quest on each level or is it purely for the loot?
  8. They did say the beta is hard. I assume by saying that the base game will be easier. But do keep in mind you can't grind monsters for xp, which is one way of doing things with 1 character in the BG days.
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