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  1. Currently mostly playing Warframe and still enjoying it. I tried making a new account recently to see what it's like through new players' eyes, and boy, is it horrible, glad I'm no longer a new player because given how broken the new player experience is I'd probably quit rather early in (they somehow made the new player experience *worse* compared to a year ago, that takes some skill!).


    Since I don't have access to my desktop the selection of games I can actually play is rather limited, looking forward to Wasteland 2, which I assume will run just fine on the laptop (unlike D:OS, for some reason :(). I also still need to play some more Firefall, the mechanics still don't do it for me for some reason, maybe because they took a bit too much inspiration from Warframe so the constant subtle differences might be annoying me. Also not a fan of the graphical style, but that's something I could maybe get used to.


    Destiny sounds like something I might enjoy as from the very little I've read about it so far it's in a similar ballpark as Warframe and Firefall. I should probably check it out sometime (though if it's a huge download that'd probably kill it for me, at least for the foreseeable future).


    Neither of the Twitchers had good stories. I mean, seriously, white haired dude goes around slaughtering monsters and banging chicks is not story no matter how HOT the ladies are. Can watch fantasy porn if I wanted that.


    See, it's male only game, i don't want


    Your lack of ability to roleplay a different gender does not make it a male-only game. I had no problem playing, for example, KotOR2 or Mass Effect with a female character and pursuing some of the romance options.


    While I can respect that a set protagonist with a set character and one of a different gender to boot might not appeal to everyone calling it a "male only game" because of that is a rather shallow view imho, especially since the "banging chicks" part of The Witcher is, as far as I am aware, entirely optional (not sure if the major romances are entirely avoidable, but all the others certainly are, as they should be).

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  3. Whether ME3s MP was good or not didn't interest me in the slightest. In my mind it was money they wasted on an unnecessary feature instead of using that money to improve what was basically a single player experience anyway (and there was certainly enough to improve about ME3 when compared to its predecessors. And I don't just mean the ending.)


    I'm still not sure what the point of ME3 style MP in DA:I is. Co-op, now that's something I could get behind (though then they'd probably force it upon us the way they did with Dead Space 3, which also was pretty uncool. Basically you can "get lost" if you don't have a fixed co-op partner as far as EA is concerned.)

  4. Hmm, I'm not usually fond of running into "myself" when playing sequels, and given the amount of options there were in DA:O that's surely bound to lead to disappointment for quite a lot of people that will find out "their" Warden doesn't behave like "their" Warden *at all*.

  5. Messed a bit with PoE, just walked around a bit and talked to some people, they sure got the vibe right. EXCITED!


    And of course I went through the settings and well, wouldn't you know: colorblind mode, and it was on by default. That is just friggin' awesome!

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  6. Played a lot of Firefall.

    It's kind of a weird game. On one hand, it's a bit too light on content (just launched, but still). OTOH what is there is pretty fun. 5 classes with unlockable "prestige" variants that you can swap at almost any time. (Though the graphical design of some are pretty hideous.) The main story and other instanced mission are pretty darn good and doing related achievements adds a nice bit of extra challenge.

    Also, you can be a healer and still facetank stuff and murder your way through a horde. Though the game does demand that you play well. :lol:

    A free to play model that is so free to play, I have no idea how it could possibly work outt for them.

    The main story is intriguing and the questlines/areas have good storylines too and most characters are memorable. The voice acting is pretty good as well. On the flip side, storylines are dropped so suddenly sometimes that I barely noticed. I still don't know what the hell the Midas is supposed to be. - _ - Or when during a ration distributing mission I was randomly got an objective to kill a group of enemies. Neither the dialogue that sent me there nor the follow-up chat had mentioned that fight. Others appear without mention (Ophanim). Or the psychics introduced in the prequel comic that are absent from the game for now (though you could explain that part at least.)


    Well anyway, it's a fun game for now, though I'd recommend bringing friends.


    I tried it for a bit and found the story intriguing (though not necessarily all that original) but I thought the gunplay felt.. off. Can't put my finger on what I think is wrong with it I'll have to test some more.



    On another note I started and finished Resident Evil Revelations. It was a fun romp, and I liked the setting (abandoned ship, yay!). Some (well, most) of the bossfights were just simply annoying though and often disproportionally hard (especially the final boss, ugh).

    It's obviously a console port and it shows, though the only thing that really annoyed me was how the camera was locked in the horizontal plane except when you are aiming, it made looking around more annoying than necessary and they could easily have done away with that limitation on the PC.

  7. The day Origin starts respecting my locale settings instead of just showing the main page in French each and every time is when I'll consider it less than a totally broken piece of crap that can only be saved by a total rewrite (because if they can't even get something that basic right then I have very little hope for the rest of the design).
    Oh, and while they're rewriting it they could decouple language from the rest of the locale settings, that'd be neat and save them this kind of embarassment (would also be rather a nice feature for people working/living abroad, I'm sure, as well as the people in this country speaking the 3rd official language, which Origin doesn't even allow them to pick)
    EDIT: just checked, apparently they now offer the latter as an option, yay. Hopefully the French issue goes away when I pick UK English...

    EDIT2: nope, still French, *lesigh*




    I know why they are bringing it back, they are prepping us for their next release Grand Theft Effect.


    I would pay good money for Grand Theft Effect.



    Main character a sympathatic, but still criminal Krogan on hard times. Gets dupped into crimes. 


    Breaking into flying cars, punching people, paying for Asari prostitutes. 


    Bioware, take my money now.


    Genuine interest:  I like the idea, NKKK, that would likely be a lot more fun than whatever Bio is actually cooking up.


    Matter of fact:  However, no playable Elcor, no sale.


    Maybe a playable floating jellyfish could change your opinion? :p


    That said, my biggest issue with the Mako was the awful terrain on those randomly generated planets, not the thing itself (and the ME2 replacement was even worse,...)

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  9. Created a second profile in D:OS since my first is stuck (due to crashing on level up, sorta gamebreaking ;)). I'm more or less back where I left of now, still trying to figure out a way to solve the murder mystery without breaking any laws (might make you wonder why I picked a rogue and a wayfarer to start with :p)

  10. Woo dragons! Sure these have already been posted, but just in case - 30 mins of official gameplay footage. Apparently pre-dates E3 2014


    Part 2: 


    Torturing someone wearing armor, that must be new (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though and assume that's placeholder material) :p


    Tactical view looks annoying at best, I'd probably avoid it unless it turns out better than what's shown here (aka, closer to the DA:O view, wich already was too limited in how far you could move the camera away from your party) and just power through the fights, DA2 style.


    True, people like to play good games. Tastes vary, of course. But I do think that many of us suspected there remained a latent market for old-school CRPGs. The people who didn't seem to know it were many of the corporate suits in charge of deciding what games get funded. D:OS and others will hopefully demonstrate that there is at least a niche market that may be worth some funding.


    At least until they saturate it with a pipeline full of fodderall. :wacko:


    There's always been a significant market for CRPGs, and since there's barely any competition, any decent one is garanteed to make a profit. And if the game is actually good, it will inevitably attracts players that aren't necessarily fans of the genre but will still want to try it out.


    It's actually a bit surprising CRPGs simply stopped being made. The more CRPG-y games of the last 5-10 years were commercial successes (Neverwinter Nights 2, Dragon Age). There hasn't been a huge profile game bombing miserably to point at and say "see, this genre is dead!" either.

    Why no other big studio ever tried to get in the market?


    My assumption is that the big studios/publishers (or at least the suits running them) have caught a severe case of consoleitis. Making these kind of games (thinking cRPG and RTS mainly here, though I'm sure there are other genres) work well with a controller is something nobody has pulled of as of yet (and I frankly doubt it's even possible, but I guess that's another discussion), as such they didn't consider it a viable investment (aka "No controller, no care!").


    After the resurgence of PC gaming (or rather, with people finally realizing PC gaming isn't dead, hasn't ever been anywhere near dead and isn't going to be dead anytime soon) they just forgot about all these genres they'd been neglecting all this time and just kept pushing out these console ports to PC gamers instead of playing to the strengths of the platform.


    Maybe all these successful Kickstarters will change their minds, we'll see. Though honestly, as long as the likes of Obsidian, inXile, Larian, etc keep cranking out great "niche" games for use to enjoy I could scarcely care less about what generic crap the big publishers keep shovelling out the door*.


    *I'm aware that's a generalization, of course it's not *all* generic crap.

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  12. Only hotfixes so far for crashing issues (which I have yet to experience). There's a larger patch upcoming though with an unknown release date. Todays patch was 7.5mb, and the others were also around 25-50, so not sure where you got the 2GB from.

    Probably referring to the huge day one patch which included all the voice-overs, don't think there have been any really big patches since.


    Hope the large patch will include my KS pet, oh, and it'd be nice if they solved my crash issues, love the game, but crashing on level-up sort of makes it unplayable ( this only started happening after the one-but-last patch too :( )...

  13. Well, since my CTD-after-combat-ends problem I went around finding other ways to level up. Turns out my game just goes wonky on level up. Leveled up on quest completion and the game world went black but the UI stuck around (first time the UI started blinking like a strobe...), couldn't do anything anymore though, except Alt+F4 out of the game.


    Looks like I'll be forced to wait for the next patch :(


    Finished Dead Space 3, can't complain since I got it in sale, wouldn't say I personally consider it worth the full price. Hope there's a sale again soonish so I can grab the DLC as well €10 is a bit too much imho.


    The game isn't bad per se but I doubt they'll ever be able to recreate the atmosphere of the first. I also didn't care too much for the weapon customization options, maybe if the UI for them hadn't been so convoluted I would have experimented with that some more. Character faces somehow looked rather deformed to me. Other than that it was a fun atmospheric shooter, it was just a bit of a bummer that there's missions you're locked out of when not playing co-op.


    I enjoyed DS3, I thought they improved on everything in the last 2 games. Like the crafting and the side quests. But end of the day I just think the whole concept behind the series is getting a bit tired now. The narrative isn't as exciting but I still thought the game was very entertaining


    Indeed, I enjoyed the game. I just think that knowing more or less what is going on kills the suspense the first had ("WTF did I end up in here?"), kind of like the F.E.A.R. games I guess. The sidequests, well, the single player ones all turned out rather similar ending with you having to fight of a bunch of waves of Necromorphs while a box comes down on an elevator (except the last one, which has some of those annoying Regenerators, I really hate those things), though the logs you find make them more exciting as you try to figure out what went on all those years ago (archaeology while shooting evil stuff, yes please!). I hear the co-op ones are more interesting, but I didn't get to experience those (and I seriously doubt my gf is interested in playing co-op Dead Space :p).


    I found the crafting idea in itself interesting, but I thought it was a bit too hard to figure out what you were gonna get before you actually made it. A better UI would have made experimenting a lot less tedious imho. In the end I think I only really used a few different weapons throughout the entire game:

    * the Planet Cracker, an improved plasma cutter (which I received for playing DS2):

    * the regular line gun

    * a shotgun with an impact hammer, which was my mainstay for most of the game (and replaced the line gun)

    * I had a short stint with a pulse rifle when I started encountering humanoid enemies again

    * the Pitch Black 392 a chain gun with stasis module (and knock back thingy as secondary fire), this gun is beyond awesome and can probably count as "the one gun you'll ever need".

    And at the end I experimented a bit with a flame thrower/ripper combination which proved only really useful against those skinny Necromorphs that like to swarm you (due to the flamer). The ripper really lost a lot of feathers since DS1 though and I used it more for old times' sake than because it was awesomely useful (maybe with a stasis module, though, but I couldn't figure out how to do that).


    Btw did you play the DLC, what did you think of it?

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  15. I haven't noticed any respawns


    ...and I don't think you get any xp for killing summons either

    There are no respawns (well, there is one NPC that doesn't stay permanently dead I've been told, assuming you manage to kill him in the first place. Not sure if he keeps giving XP though)

  16. Finished Dead Space 3, can't complain since I got it in sale, wouldn't say I personally consider it worth the full price. Hope there's a sale again soonish so I can grab the DLC as well €10 is a bit too much imho.


    The game isn't bad per se but I doubt they'll ever be able to recreate the atmosphere of the first. I also didn't care too much for the weapon customization options, maybe if the UI for them hadn't been so convoluted I would have experimented with that some more. Character faces somehow looked rather deformed to me. Other than that it was a fun atmospheric shooter, it was just a bit of a bummer that there's missions you're locked out of when not playing co-op.

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  17. Looks like I gotta shelve this for now (though hopefully not for long, given the speed Larian's been cranking out patches) as the game rather reliably crashes after combat for me (one of the characters decides he wants to talk when another one levels up, this seems to produce a CTD when exiting combat).


    Well, I *guess* I could go back to the city and finish the murder mystery, which hopefully will give me enough xp to level without crashing, but I was kinda getting into the undead killing thing...


    (btw, did anyone succeed in solving the murder without breaking any laws? I don't want to know how, I just want to know if someone managed, the paths I've found so far all involve breaking and entering :) )

  18. See, I am having a bad response to this game. It is a hot mess. Now, with that said, it can be a fun hot mess. The lack of documentation really bugs me. The increasing encouragement to participate in degenerate game play, and the sheer randomness trial and error nature of combat encounters gets my nerves very quickly. 


    I really have to take it small doses or else I will throw my computer out the window.

    The combat was kinda frustrating me early on (difficulty went way up since early beta ;)), but that was because I was treating it as I would do other cRPGs. We've(*) lately been so conditioned to stay on the path developers pave for use that (ab)using our environment in combat is something we don't naturally think of anymore. So once I started using the environment better combat has become a lot more rewarding (and fun(ny) ;) ).


    * at least, I assume it was not just me that had a "What the...? This actually *works*...???"...

  19. On level 10 of Legend of Grimrock, damn some of the puzzles are hard. I can't believe that some people played this game and didn't use walkthroughs around some of the puzzles?


    I suppose I have become lazy when it comes to challenging games :)

    Some of the optional puzzles are really tough, especially since they involve trapdoors and timed switches, so even if you know what to do they can be hard to complete and until you complete them you won't know whether you're doing it right or are just banging your head against a wall. Rather annoying at times (luckily there aren't many of those)

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  20. I've put Remember Me (and the rest of the games I have active playthroughs in) aside for Divinity: Original Sin.


    I'm having a blast so far, ran into one annoying "issue" where I didn't move forward far enough in the second non-optional fight in the game so the Legionaires stood idly by while I was trying to survive against a bunch of Orcs (and doing a rather terrible job of it at that). Not sure if picking the default characters was such a good idea either, but I'll stick with it for now and see where it goes.

  21. This bit from the Divinity: Original Sin release announcement might be of special interest:


    Exploring the Galaxy: Larian and GOG team up


    We’ve been secretly working on supporting GOG Galaxy, the new online multiplayer platform from GOG.com and are happy to announce that full GOG Galaxy integration will be available for Divinity: Original Sin.


    GOG is still working on launching Galaxy, so before that happens, our Kickstarter backers who have selected GOG.com as the digital distribution platform will be able to use Direct IP or LAN options to play in multiplayer. Once GOG Galaxy launches (by the end of August, the folks at GOG tell us), they will be able to take advantage of all the features this DRM-free online gaming platform offers.

    Bit of a bummer Gog didn't manage to get its stuff done in time for the D:OS release, think I'll be going with Steam for now as it just makes multi-player just so much easier (not to mention that I'm expecting there'll be kinks that will need to to be worked out when Galaxy releases).

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