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  1. Are you running a 32-bit or a 64-bit GNU/Linux installation? Because Pillars of Eternity, at least the Steam version, seems to be 64-bit-only on Linux. Can you run the executable from a console? If it says something like "Invalid ELF class ELFCLASS64", then this is that issue.
  2. Hej, I have a question about which Steam edition backers of different levels will get. For example, the $50 Digital Fun Pack seems to include everything of the Royal Edition, except the Strategy guide. Which Steam key would that grant me? The Royal Edition, or only the Champion Edition? Now, I also have the Digital Strategy Guide addon, would I then get the Royal Edition, since the contents is the same?
  3. What about GNU/Linux support? Is that still coming for the beta or only at release now? Not that I personally care that much about the beta test; I don't have a beta key anyway. But it would be nice if other beta people could test on GNU/Linux before release.
  4. Yeah, that. Well, I'm still on the fence on whether that's worth an additional $25 to me. $25 that I might not even have, depending on how the month goes...
  5. Yeah, I just saw that a few minutes ago, thanks. I really thought the survey would be enough. Oh, well...
  6. Well, I'm going by the tier description images in the original Kickstarter campaign. You do get other things besides the Wasteland 2 key, too. Beta key seems to be $110+, or a $25 addon.
  7. Oh, hi there. I have to post here for the title? Okay, my bad, I thought that survey did that... D'oh. Can I be the Undead Tinkerer of the Obsidian Order?
  8. Oh, right, and I never got my custom forum title with the Order addon I purchased ages ago!
  9. Well, it worked for a few minutes for me (after time-outing twice), now it's 403/404 for me too.
  10. What's the usual time between me adding the Obsidian Order upgrade (and filling out the survey) and me actually getting the title here?
  11. Well, it always threw me back to the Name/Email/Phone screen (digital only, so no country or address), with nothing highlighted and a generic "An error occurred" message. Didn't matter whether I left the phone field black, put in a fake number or a real one. And now it won't even let me back to the backer/index (aka Manage Pledges) screen; I keep seeing a 500 - Something Went Wrong and how Kerflufflupogus is attacking...
  12. I'm kinda late on this, but I'd still like to throw in my two cents. Well, I for one prefer to have a simple tarball. While GOG and Desura and Steam and whatever are okay, I like doing things manually. I don't even like installers that much, because as long as they don't hook into my distributions' (Debian and Gentoo) package managers, they're only in my way leaving behind files everywhere.
  13. Keep in mind that the Linux kernel also compiles on ARM, and many distributions offer full ARM support as well, including all (FLOSS) libraries and capabilities. As long as you're mindful of some architectural differences (like endianness, but those are things you normally encapsulate away early anyway), it doesn't matter on what of the dozens of architectures Linux works your program runs.
  14. I just hope they won't create another horrific frankenmonster format like that GFF thing... Hierachical data, okay. Wanting it to be binary for quick and easy parsing, fine. But GFF was the worst of both ideas. Complex, not at all quick and full of hacks like the Entry/Reply lists in the Aurora DLG GFFs. Not a big fan of 2DA either. Especially not the binary version.
  15. Yeah, pathfinding is a common thing that never quite worked corrently in Infinity and Aurora (and following) engine games. Be it companions that bumped against each other while walking in a line and backtracked around the whole room, or characters not moving through doorways while in combat mode, pathfinding always needed manual attention everywhere.
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