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  1. I'm sure this must have been reported but I couldn't find it. I used chainshot and then grapeshot on an enemy vessel and got it down to 0 sails and 1 crew. It still managed to manouvre enough to board me and had a full complement of soldiers ready to board.
  2. I've got down to Level 9 of Od Nua and it's just turning into a slog. I don't need the XP's or the money and I'm wondering if there's any point to continuing to the bottom. Is there any actual story content between me and level 15? Or is it just boring combats, one after another? Up to the end of Kana's quest there seemed to be something, but now it's just dull.
  3. Going on how much I enjoyed/was amazed when they came out, rather than how they play now: In chronological order: 1. Betrayal at Krondor. Showed you could have a novel-like experience on your cRPG. 2. BG2. Suddenly gave us rounded companions who we had personal relationships with. (not just love and sex) 3. DA:O Gave us more depth into character backgrounds and further deepened companion relationships (still not just banging)
  4. Document for me. Easy to read in my lunch hour (hour ha! you're having a laugh), whilst I can't watch YouTube from work machines.
  5. I find pulling to be a bit cheesy, but still find myself doing it sometimes. I'd be very happy with enemies in earshot running to join a fight, even opening their own doors to do so (unless locked - which a sneaking rogue could do). I loathe and despise kiting and hope it is not a viable tactic. In DA2 the best antagonist had the worst end as you spent half an hour kiting round him. Awful, awful gameplay, the designers of that scene should hang their heads in shame.
  6. I am not a fan of multi- or prestige classes. I particularly hate if you have to plan your build aheaf of time. People learn stiff organically as they go, few plan each individual step to their goal. If you are going to have classes then the idea behind Rolemaster classing was best. Classes are an aptitude. Any class can advance in any skill, it is judt easier for some than others. So fighters learned combat skills easily and magical skills with great difficulty. There were enough different classes to give any player the sort of character they preferred, without any silly stuff.
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