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  1. I am in that place but for some reason. I cant figure out how to speak to the Dead Dwarf!! Its up there all glowing and I cant seem to trigger it.
  2. At a time when Double Fine used up all their funding before the game was even halfway done, Wasteland 2 was being touched up because, even though they finished the game, they had excess funds left. I'm not saying inXile is even close to the worst or anything. Just that they did mismanage a couple of things in my opinion. I have some specific gripes about the extra keys and how they did their digital release, but I don't want to derail - doesn't belong here. All in all, I'm happy with their release. I did kickstart Broken Age and yeah they did a poop. Hell, I don't even know what h
  3. Hey Star Citizen is a totally different beast than POE. The comparisons can be made, but honestly Wasteland 2 was worse on backer updates and it came out as a very good game. SC is a far more ambitious project and as backer sometimes I do get worried about the scale and scope of what they are attempting! Plus they killed Wingman's hangar, still messes with me on Wednesday lol
  4. No some of us here live in Rural areas and have crap internet connections, hell I know people who still use AOHELL because they cant get highspeed.
  5. Wow got excited for nothing when they said they were working on the site
  6. I hate you. ()*&^)*&%9#$^*#%&$y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Steam is a DRM but I have to say its a CONVENIENT DRM system, and I used to hate steam long ago lol
  8. Would love to get my keys too!! Was hoping for today but looks like tomorrow
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