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  1. Getting back to the OP, for those disinclined to wade through 220 pages of Feargus' comments, the one in question can be found here. Some nice analysis, and while it saddens me to see a publisher sinking so low (effectively panhandling), it doesn't surprise me either.
  2. I'd support "BG-style" VO also. The only improvement I would suggest is having more generic phrases recorded for each NPC, for greater variety in "non-voiced" dialogue. Another benefit of partial-VO is that it makes expansions and mods easier - the first NWN2 expansion (Mask of the Betrayer) brought in 2 NPCs from the original NWN2 campaign (Jerro and Bishop) and neither worked well IMHO (Jerro was completely silent while Bishop had a different voice).
  3. While I agree that pre-rendered artwork should be done at as high a resolution as possible, focusing on DPI exclusively would be a mistake - it would result in scenery elements being rendered at the same (real) size onscreen regardless of the device (e.g. a statue appearing 5cm tall, regardless of whether the device used is a smartphone or a 30-inch monitor). Instead, I would argue in favour of the system used by many games currently, where you specify a resolution and the game engine downsamples its images to best suit that resolution (if zoom is available, that downsampling will need to
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