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  1. This is pretty much where my last post at the very start of these forums was left of. I believe that most backers of project eternity wanted more and new content of the same style of game. Far to much focus have been on new races and mechanics, without anybody asking for it.
  2. I personally have thought for years and years that the D&D concept of Armor Class was antiquated and heavily flawed, so in this case I believe they are fixing something that is broken. That's just my personal view though, I'm sure some people think the D&D Armor Class system is perfectly fine, they're entitled to their opinion. I am not claiming the old system was perfect. But I believe that I much rather see Obsidian focus their limited resources on creating stories and content with the old proven system then trying to dissect every piece of game mechanic and reinventing it. I would much rather see them operating under the old constraints trying to build the best (new 2014 version) IE game possible. I would hate to look back at project eternity thinking that we didn't learn anything from Masters of Orion 3.
  3. If find it slightly worrisome that so much time and effort are put into fixing stuff that is not broken. The more I hear about revisiting and reinventing every single thing, the more I worry that this might slide into a gigantic fantasy heartbreaker.
  4. I would be very unimpressed if I do not need to conserve all resources and try to min/max to survive any of the major encounters in this game.
  5. Might have something to do with time difference. This thread is about month old, so there has been plenty time for people to vote. Right. Must be the presidential race then.
  6. A mature theme, for me, are nuances and leaving room for interpretation. I would really love to see Obsidian not spelling out everything out loud and perhaps dare to leave some doors unopened. Realize that this whole kickstarter thing is founded on nostalgia and that most of us backers are age 30+, boobs and foul language are perhaps not the most exciting thing. And for the record I loved Dead wood. Not for the amount of uses of the word ****suckers though...
  7. While I agree that the the old DnD magic system leave much be asked for. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 have the most epic and intense magic duels ever created in cRPGs bar none.
  8. Not weird for weird sake. But for the love of (insert your flying spaghetti monster of choice here) please do not pull any punches, this might be the one chance to make a truly full flavored companions.
  9. Whenever I see overproduced, vanilla, soulless and trite music as posted in this thread I am sad that not more people have discovered the music goldmine 'ronja rovadotter' : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8R7Qy0qGtE&feature=related
  10. Whenever I hear tarrasque I remember the old City of the Tarrasque thread from RPG.net : http://forum.rpg.net...d-the-tarrasque . That must be the best use of a tarrasque I have ever heard about in a setting. I have cnp the initial post, but if you like it you owe it to your self to go and have a look at the +600 posts of awesomeness that follows..
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