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  1. + I fully agree. I liked the Dragon Age in overall, but the darkspawn / archdemon thing was so dull and uninteresting. The Demon and it's Evil Army is so overused that I don't want to see that again. There is nothing wrong if our enemy wants to "take over the world", but the plot should include scheming politics, intelligent oppoments, and other mature elements.
  2. Dragon Age did this well I think. Similar system would work in PE.
  3. Sounds great Casey. What samples did you use? I also was thinking of making a "Project Eternity inspired" track(s), but haven't got time to do that yet.
  4. Hand painted 2d backrounds with some 3d and animations sound great to me. Make it cool even if it takes a lot of memory When talking about making backrounds and the world coming alive I always remember the old Blade Runner game that still in my mind is beautifully made game. All the backrounds are animated and not static at all. I don't know what engine they used but still, it's a great example: http://youtu.be/k_FhzXFUAzE
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