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  1. The people who were talking about Dragon's Dogma, did you ever try to use the knowledge chair to reduce their frequency of talking? I sort of remember there being an option for that, but I'm not completely sure. If there was one I'm pretty sure I always pumped it up all the way anyways, I like them chatty and can't really remember being annoyed by party chatter in any game I've played. But then again I'm pretty good at filtering out stimuli. Up to the extent of it becoming a problem at times. I'm probably like a textbook case for "looks but doesn't see". ._.
  2. I start off by admitting that I did not read through all the posts (to my defence, it's 4 am in here and I got stuck here reading and wanted to comment but too tired to read through all), so pardon if I may say something already discussed. Since I'm getting the feeling that the game is about the PC and the companions (as the ability to create custom members was brought along later to cater user requests), I think you shouldn't be in control of how the companions think and talk and such. They have a backstory and they should act upon that and not necessarily say what the player wants them t
  3. I think I may have played it briefly, but I can't say I remember the details of it's crafting system. I remember Fallout 3 brought crafting as mostly using weapons to repair your existing ones and adding modifications but that's pretty much all I remember. Unique rather than superior does sound interesting in a way, but still my common sense dictates that if you craft something "in the field" which is most likely where you would have to craft unless you have built yourself the needed "crafting stations" on your home or stronghold even then you would likely lack the skills to create unique work
  4. First things that actually come to mind from random encounters are Fallouts, so the must've done something right. They had fights (sometimes people attacking you, sometimes people attacking other people, etc), some odd "irrelevant" things which were essentially there as a joke or something (I'd like to say the bridgekeeper here, but if I remember correctly the robe you get is actually not that bad), some random "mini-dungeon" (the vault you get the solar scorcher from), etc. I'm not a huge fan of combat encounters as more often than not they're too generic and too frequent and after a few
  5. Wow what a load of BS. Every single word. I'd like to have you elaborate on that. I for one agree with most, if not everything, he said. Of which highly similar ideas have already been brought up earlier in the thread, from what I could tell by quickly skimming through. If you can make the strongest gear by yourself it for the most part makes all the professionals in the world redundant etc. If you can provide a believable explanation as to why anyone in your party would be able to outperform any professional who has years of experience in their given craft after rummaging around s
  6. In my honest opinion, most of the time most of you are dancing around the same subject, even at times disagreeing on things and still explaining your point of view with basically the same arguments. I might be getting this wrong due to my limited proficiency in english language, but that's how I perceive things. Anyhow moving on to how I see it and probably failing miserably to explain my point after reading through 13 pages of discussion and trying to consider everything but here goes nothing: Let me first recap what I've gathered so far: (disclaimer: this might get too generalized a
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