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  1. I recall a request identical to this back on TeamBG for BG1/2. IIRC the spiders were modded to be swapped with Ettercaps, which are spider-like humanoids but possess the correct number of limbs. I'm not far enough in to know if there's anything in game that would serve to be as easily modified, but if so maybe the devs can address it. Or I'm certain it will fall to the modding community down the road. It seems to be a surprisingly regular request from gamers.
  2. Hey, hlid! Heya Silver! I wonder how many of the old gang is creeping around here? lol Thank you sir!
  3. Untrue sir! There were several fine outhouses and a couple commodes in those games. Granted, your character couldn't sit but the thought was there.
  4. The maps are beautiful, and the FoW clutter was always irritating after you'd cleared a screen. Hell, I'd even made a mod back in the day called, "Clear Fog of War" just to make it easier on re-runs. Although then and now I play through an are first before clearing on the virgin run.
  5. I'm going retro and digging up my old title from my IE modding days. "The Eternal Ale Warrior". If you please.
  6. They said the same about BG back in the day. We started with Hex editing and worked our way up from there. I think we managed pretty well, all things considered. So, we need an info database, tools, and some chutzpah. Time to get crackin' folks.
  7. It really is evocative. Better than the old IWD HOW soundtrack I used to use as a benchmark.
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