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  1. Most people would rate druid as top 3 most powerful class. It is not as powerful as a priest, no, but no class is. Priest > Wizard > Druid is my top 3
  2. Let's not make Potd worse than it is >.< Two front-liners are plenty to keep 4 squishies safe in any encounter on Potd, it's all about positioning and a little bit of micro.
  3. A wizard wouldn't really take any damage in this fight, his buffs are too strong at that point. Also I don't see how he would get surrounded, unless he did it on purpose. There is both a natural choke point and corners, in this fight. A paladin/Chanter with investment in lore would kill that encounter rather quickly, just spam a few spell scrolls. With 8+ lore it would be a slaughter. Yeah I tried Cali solo with no kiting or pulling on Potd. A tanky Wiz would not take damage here with buffs, surrounded or not. But I would just fight in a choke point, maybe pop a few summons in front,
  4. I am surprised a fight vs Cail the silent could be that 'hard' for a level 11 character. A wiz or priest would level him in less than a minute. A Chanter/Paladin wouldn't hardly take any damage in that fight, I am pretty sure. Barb is a late bloomer for sure..
  5. Aye I meant single weapon as in with no shield. Using Abydon's Hammer might be one of the more popular choices for late game blaster casters, it being two handed means not even a small shield can be held. It would be safer to go one handed with little savior, but imo you have little to fear once you get avatar, with a little common sense in your positioning and buffing.
  6. For a solo play you want to be a bit tanky, so I think your stat spread looks ok. I would definitely max might later, especially when you get avatar. With avatar you will be so powerful I might just go with a single weapon, for the accuracy boost in caster mode. Imo you will do best to plan 2-3 respecs for a solo run, as you find more powerful gear and gain better spells and abilities. Priests are later bloomers than most other classes.
  7. The load times are ridiculous, on POTD having to go through 8 load screens of 20-30 seconds to get an inn rest bonus + two new camp supplies, and get back down again, frustrated me a lot.
  8. How many different solutions would you say there are on average for each Quest? "Today, I'm working on a few odds and ends - bug fixing and miscellaneous features. Right now I'm looking into an occasional bug that causes party members to get stuck-in-place permanently after they get knocked down. That's no fun, so I'm going to fix it." That does indeed sound annoying, and were I in your shoes I would also want to fix this, which makes me feel there is a connection between you and me. We think alike you and me not wanting to have our characters stuck and all *brofist*
  9. If they need another year to make the game that's fine too, and none of you mini EA neck breathers are going to change that.
  10. Going on a hunch... I'd say you didn't watch the linked video. Further, yeah, I hope PE is not going to be punishing. Difficult on high difficulty settings yeah, but not punishing. Hard to disagree with a video I didn't watch. Units spawning behind you might be something you call punishing, a better player will simply adapt to such a thing and have a tanky character in the back, or summons etc. What some find punishing others find trivial, it is subjective.
  11. What is punishing and what is difficult is subjective to each individual. This fact makes most of the argument of the video you link to, fall apart. Imo What in Baldur's Gate 2 did you find punishing? What you answer will likely boggle many peoples mind since they disagree with you, and others might agree. If it can be prevented through proper buffing, positioning or scouting with stealth, then people who normally utilize those tools will find things trivial that people who doesn't utilize said tools will find punishing. I am guessing you post this in the Eternity forum, of all places
  12. 'But they just sell games!!?!1' The criteria s of the vote was not what company was in the darkest field of business, but how it was run.
  13. This logic only makes any sense if you think it should be standard practice to make money at any cost, making money of their products can be done in many ways. When a company picks a certain way of making money they open themselves up for criticism they might not receive were they going for a different approach.
  14. Are you finding yourself in a hurry to complete the games as you get older? If not, then I don't really see the logic in this notion. Who cares that you have to take more breaks to complete the game.. that you have to do it in 10 sessions instead of one 12-hour marathon session.
  15. Stoneskins, more stoneskins! That image is close enough to how I look... I guess
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