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  1. It looks like I'm bringing only negativity to this place, but... is the following normal for shipment: - address they showed in e-mail doesn't contain my building number and apartment number - there is no tracking # or any other stuff with which I can track status of my delivery Got e-mail several minutes ago and these 2 issues popped up. Paradox doesn't bother to respond to my previous support ticket created around month ago so no point in creating another one.
  2. No email, no notification, nothing from cursed post "service". Wonderful kickstarter. Country - rus, city - Rostov-on-Don so I assume it'll take even longer to get stuff here.
  3. Hey... Wait a second. Who were supposed to get an additional key? I mean which tiers? I backed 250 dollars and I had only the royal edition key. Because I already promised my friend my digital key I bought one extra hero edition key. So was I supposed to get that free of charge? A bit confused here. And yeah, no word on the physical goods... Go to kickstarter and browse from your tier behind to previous tiers. Check amount of keys that way. As for voting thing. That is the weirdest decision for this whole thing probably. Not sure what I was thinking and even if I was aware about that
  4. What shady sites? I thought people with box versions received two copies, physical and digital, so you can just play the digital one while waiting for the box. Was I mistaken? No, you are correct. I should get a boxed copy, based on my pledge level and order, as well as an additional digital copy. On release date though I was allowed to generate two digital keys (one for my own (boxed) Royal Edition, and one as additional CHampion Edition copy), and I could download and play the game with my RE key just fine (I gifted the second key to my sister, and she's having a blast as well). So yes, e
  5. Also curious, do NPC recognize the destruction of that house? When I tried it - couple of quests failed automatically without them being in my quests list and after that when I went to neighbour houses - no one gave a damn
  6. What shady sites? I thought people with box versions received two copies, physical and digital, so you can just play the digital one while waiting for the box. Was I mistaken? If I remember correctly digital version was also in that box pledge and it was intended as a gift to my friend. Either that or it was a coincidence that misunderstanding that line about this pledge also getting everything lower steps of pledges fall in line with obsidian adding digital version. And to be clear - I'm not saying game is bad. My around 25+ hours with it are amazing, but come on... 120$ and I MAYBE
  7. I'm in act 2 somewhere in the beginning and mostly I do side quests. Main storyline got progressed only because I didn't realize it and accidentally get into area of a quest and finish it. However lately my char begin to get dreams of pillars (of eternity I guess). So... am I on the clock? Kinda like in Agarest 2 where the more quests you do the closer you get to ending of generation. So is there some sort of a timer? That kinda leads into second question - is there a free roam after beating final boss whoever that is? Or I can continue doing side quests first and occasionally return to ma
  8. Legit complain. Isn't the entire point of usa is you give money and get product? So we gave money and basically got no product. My boxed version is nowhere to be seen and depends on what delivery agency they'll choose, I may not even see that. Ever. And it's already April and still not a damn was given about at least giving approximate date for EU customers. Just say that these countries will get around these dates, those on that date and so on. usa people got their stuff on time I assume because of some potential legal ramifications, but screw eu. At least that is how it's seen for me. It's r
  9. Just contact paradox support service. Obsidian was answering for around a week on mine and end up redirecting me to obsidian. Very annoying situation with physical copy of the game.
  10. Wait... there are hidden objects besides traps which can be found only in scouting? O_O Are they important to quests or usually just some bonus items?
  11. #4 seems legit. Haven't even give a single thought about others. Especially walking. I was playing it for like Saturday and Sunday almost non stop and barely scratched main story and side quests. With walking it'd take like what? Month in real life? Nah. I better spend it on drawing. So maybe patch? The rest is kinda pointless.
  12. Yes and no. Yes because of what I hear in reviews. No because of weird decisions like ditching physical copies and physical goods to be delivered way after release. My digital copy was a gift for a friend so now no idea when I'll be able to play. 120$ was way too much to spend on this tbh with current situation. In my opinion stuff like what we want first digital or physical should be kinda individual choice. Not one common poll for all people.
  13. That should be shiped way way way later for some reason. At least that's what I've read a while ago.
  14. As far as I know investors get financial profit from their investments. We'll not. And communication with backers yeah... is kinda... bad. And to those who make fun that I and other people get sense of entitlement - yeah, yeah we have all rights to have that feel. We paid money, we apparently saved that company and what now? Some 12 years old youtuber is playing before those who saved company? Priorities are kinda weird in here. If they put a countdown saying backers get keys at this time, the rest at this time - that'd be cool and fun. Don't bring steam timer as example. That usually sho
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