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  1. Yea, for me it took a couple of tries and refreshes to complete my pledge confirmation. Now just to wait for order confirmation.
  2. I think you are misunderstanding that vote option. The youtube 10 minute bites IS the video format, with commentary and everything. Just sized into bite sized pieces. (aka 10-20 minutes video).
  3. 20-30 minute bits on youtube is the best. No need for the 10min bits anymore.
  4. Resolution and Scaling Don't forget guys like me who use 16:10 (1680:1050) 22inch screens. There are games out there that deal with none 16:9 by adding black bars... Also I'm not sure if you mentioned this, but please have UI scale as well, or at least allow us the option to set desired scale for the UI (like borderlands 2 did). I myself have bed eyesight and as such have problems with tiny UI (font/buttons) when viewing in my native resolution.
  5. (was in Update #27) Does anybody know if the "very limited time" is still running, like the Paypal thing dead-line announced today? I would like to know this as well. Because they said that the fulfilment center they are planing will allow you to upgrade your pledge, yet I doubt that will be released before the 3rd december they have the dead line for.
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