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  1. Myself, I want an ending that makes sense and is internally consistent to the story most of all. I don't need a super happy ending but I want an ending that isn't all gloom and doom. If I have a goal I want to achieve it. I'd prefer to see a mixed bag of results based on actions versus a dark ending just to be dark or the reverse.
  2. Sure. But I'm willing to trust their judgement. After all, every author can only write/paint/draw/create what they can envision, and produce the best work they can. It has always been the case that author and critic might not see eye-to-eye on a particular work, but thems the breaks as they say. Interesting thread to read. I too trust their judgement as they know a bit more about this than I do. I also hope they take the IE engine and improve it where it needs and that they keep to the spirit of what the engine was. I don't think they should ignore everything that we have all lear
  3. I always took that as the general perception of what you did. People in the game tend to perceive the NRC as better so your karma which is rep reflects that. I like the idea that you do horrendous things and it tells you outright you did something bad. Killing a village even if it is for the greater good is still an evil act to some degree.
  4. Well priests/clerics are a bad example. Since they are supposed to be exemplars of their faith in appearance, deed, and word then he'd either be labeled a heretic and be stripped of powers by his god or something similar. A better example is other skills maybe that would not really fall afoul of tenants of a faith. Say a priest who happens to be really good at gambling even though technically he should not be doing so.
  5. Hmm. IT would be pretty cool to see an aspected god. Maybe a god of seasons that changes depending on the time of year. Spring - The god appears as a child and represents new growth/rebirth and beginnings. The represent hope Summer - The god appears as a man/woman in their prime. They represent the strength, potential realized and the glorious times. Fall - The god is waning. They appear as a middle aged man/woman. They represent the harvest, among other things. Winter - The god at the end of the cycle. An old man/woman. They represent endings, death. It could be fleshed out
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