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  1. How about pets? If anyone from Obsidian is watching, wouldn't mind a dog, (preferrably a Husky or German Shepherd), or maybe a big cat, like a Jaguar, Tiger, etc. But NO Lions!!
  2. Soloing??!?! I can't survive a fight with three NPCs, (and my ranger pet), unless it is a fight with only one enemy......I was able to make it to Caud Nua, (I think that's how it is spelled, anyway), but EVERYTHING in there hits with a critical, and manages to wipe out my entire party in about 5 seconds flat....
  3. You have to upload your save files on a file hosting site, such as upload.ee, then link them here. Screenies in Steam are taken using the F12 key. Thanks, will do so later. Need to go to (paid) work
  4. Missing string on a weapon I picked up as loot; Don't know what kind of weapon, as it shows *missing string* instead of the name. Description shows '12-20 pierce damage' and Speed:Average. I'd attach a screenshot, except for one of the 2 following things: (which might be another bug) Screenshots are not working; I hit prt scr, shift+prt scr, ctrl+prt scr, alt+prt scr, and also ctr+shift+prt scr), but no screenshots are found. I'm looking in the wrong folder; \Appdata\Local\temp\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\ I'll include my Output log file however. I tried to upload my save file, but the forum error'd out stating I am not allowed to upload this kind of file. output_log.txt
  5. output_log.txtMinor issues such as item thumbnails look like bags or sacks of grain. One item, when my mouse pointer was on it, showed 'Missing String' yet it did have stats for a weapon (0cp, 12-20 Pierce Damage, Speed: Average) One bug that is hindering me is when exiting the armor/weaponsmith, after purchasing and equipping "Angio's Gambeson" on my wizard, the game shows Loading, and never finishes, and have to hit escape and quit the game. Party formation, (where each character stands in relation to each other), is tricky to use, but that might just be my learning curve.
  6. I believe I am still missing my badge, and the status of the pledge shows complete... Never mind; Didn't see the green K until I posted. Thanks
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