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  1. Thanks for the offer, eclap78! I've already opened a ticket with Obsidian support but it would be nice to see the guide before they resolve the issue.
  2. You can get the digital guidebook for far less. You just didn't pick the right package/addons but with $200 you should get tons of other goodies... Edit: Ah i see you get a hardcover version. They could really add the digital version in that case... Yeah, I've already paid for a physical guidebook (which has been delayed). It would cost them virtually nothing to provide a digital guidebook, not to mention that a digital guide was included in the equivalent Pillars 1 tier.
  3. I don't understand why a digital guide isn't included in those tiers when they already include a map, soundtrack, and cookbook. I assume it's just a mistake.
  4. Er, I spent $200 on this and I'm not getting a digital guidebook? That's... kind of lousy.
  5. Well, the three notes I had from Felvano are still stacked incorrectly in the stash. I can split them by dragging them to individual character inventories but the three notes are now identical even though they weren't when I picked them up. Maybe it's fixed for new pickups and old stuff is permanently screwed up?
  6. Do you have any save files that still load properly? You may be able to determine which ones will fail by looking at the file sizes as I mentioned in my earlier posts. If so, keep the valid files and move the corrupt ones elsewhere, then try to delete the configuration files that Pillars uses to store your screen resolution, keybindings and all that stuff. I'm almost positive that those files aren't removed when you uninstall the game so the problem may actually be there. I don't know where those files are stored though.
  7. I just finished restoring from my Windows backup and the problem is finally fixed. Newly created save files are back down to ~1.3 megabytes and they load with no problems. Again, this bug is tough to remove once you get it. It's not just a problem with the save files. Uninstalling POE, deleting all save files, starting a new game and then immediately saving still resulted in a broken file. I realize now that I should have tried deleting my POE settings files before restoring from a backup, just in case. Maybe you should try that, Enigmatik! I'd tell you where the settings files ar
  8. Same thing happened to me. Seems like a bug. I may stop playing for a week or two. The weird item/equip/stash bugs like this and the ones that erase active skills are making it tough to continue without a patch.
  9. I can confirm that loading Enigmatick's save files completely broke my ability to create valid new save files. Loading an old save works fine but all new saves are corrupt. Attempting to load them returns me to the game's title sceen. Reinstalling the game didn't fix it, neither did loading an old Windows restore point. I'm currently trying to restore from a full Windows backup which I assume will fix the problem but good lord, this is an awful bug. This may be important: Prior to testing the files, all of my saves were maximum 1.3 megabytes (I just started Act 2). After the b
  10. It's in my backlog. Was this feature added to the final game or is the setZoomRange console command still the only way to do it?
  11. I just loaded the new beta and this is still a thing.
  12. Please take a look at the following screenshots for an example of a UI element that gets cut off at high resolutions: Bug (2560x1600): No bug: (1280x800): To replicate, load my attached savegame, talk to the nearby House Harond Guard, choose dialogue option 1 and end the conversation. The animated scroll that appears in the upper left corner of the screen is cut off at 2560x1600 while it is perfectly fine at 1280x800. I've tested this with the font size set to 100% as well as 80% and it happens in both cases. I've run into a similar error in another Unity game
  13. I'm actually having this issue in 301. My resolution is 2560x1600. Only the scroll goes offscreen. The rest of the UI appears to be fine.
  14. The only addition I'd like is a hotkey to specify a 1:1 zoom level, regardless of your current scaling. Is there a function for something like that?
  15. The needlessly aggressive garbage in your first paragraph.
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