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  1. more than a companion i would like to see a familiar if we speak of a per, like the ones in d&d 3.5 for mages and wizards, not companion but with small passive bonus, but i would even like semi-monster companion like succubus, driad, nymph, but a non speaking-animal like companion it's just a wast of space to me
  2. cool topic, i wanna try to give a hand first i really would like the idea of not standard monster, cmon the game are ready to have deeper mechanics now, for example i really like the idea of a monster attacking just a member of the party, it could be a parasite pr a strange demon or something else, and then maybe the related quest could be something like you have to notice some change in that member, maybe he/she do more damge or less, maybe has more resistence against fire or other elements, maybe they could be faster or slower and so. there could be even a grop of humanoid monsters that
  3. i like the idea of soul weapon. I mean it could be used to evolve the weapon without make it do more phisical damage, that would be nonsense. Soul-weapons could have some exp point and lvl and get gain magic effects added as it reaches higher levels. Something like: lvl1 the get hot when in combat and do heat-damage to the opponent lvl 2 the weapon is engulfed in flames, does more heat-damage and has a chance to apply the burn status lvl 3 the weapon does more heat-damage and have a area around the target in which enemy suffer from heat-damage I think it would be a nice feature in the g
  4. this post is so interesting, and i want to say my opinion. Untill now i never found a game in which the evil-thing is well placed. for example look at fable the lost chapter, it's just a go with bandits or with the guards, be an **** or be the super good-guy. and it's this one of the best example i found in videogames and i really would like a game in which there is no good and no evil. I like the thing in bioshock, where you could kill or not the little sister, and i like very much the quest-choice in the witcher, the first. If possible in project eternity i would like to see a new approach
  5. i have great hopes for this game, please let me play it in my lenguage, but i feel sorry for the others too, so just make many localization as you can
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