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  1. more than a companion i would like to see a familiar if we speak of a per, like the ones in d&d 3.5 for mages and wizards, not companion but with small passive bonus, but i would even like semi-monster companion like succubus, driad, nymph, but a non speaking-animal like companion it's just a wast of space to me
  2. cool topic, i wanna try to give a hand first i really would like the idea of not standard monster, cmon the game are ready to have deeper mechanics now, for example i really like the idea of a monster attacking just a member of the party, it could be a parasite pr a strange demon or something else, and then maybe the related quest could be something like you have to notice some change in that member, maybe he/she do more damge or less, maybe has more resistence against fire or other elements, maybe they could be faster or slower and so. there could be even a grop of humanoid monsters that lives stealing others lives. like other ideas of mirror demon or similar there could be a monster that attack a member of the party and go on doing the same things that member would do, or one of this kind of monsters could attack the party because he heard those persons have a life exciting and full of battles and adventures and he want to lives this kind of life too. what do you think?
  3. i like the idea of soul weapon. I mean it could be used to evolve the weapon without make it do more phisical damage, that would be nonsense. Soul-weapons could have some exp point and lvl and get gain magic effects added as it reaches higher levels. Something like: lvl1 the get hot when in combat and do heat-damage to the opponent lvl 2 the weapon is engulfed in flames, does more heat-damage and has a chance to apply the burn status lvl 3 the weapon does more heat-damage and have a area around the target in which enemy suffer from heat-damage I think it would be a nice feature in the game. End another good idea to me it is to remove casual drop. i mean you can obtain normal weapons or sometimes a good one weapon from enemy, but they are ruined and it is ridiculus that when you reach higher levels enemy drop semi-legendary weapons like in oblivion, bandits have glass equip and it's just ridicule. The equipement from half the game to the end should be crafted from a good smith, maybe with rare materials and magical metals. Or even legendary weapon of great heroes, or maybe a weapon blessed from a god or made with demon-blood. I mean i am just tired of casual drop, i want to choose my weapon, not just kill enemy and monsters waiting they drop a good-stats one.
  4. this post is so interesting, and i want to say my opinion. Untill now i never found a game in which the evil-thing is well placed. for example look at fable the lost chapter, it's just a go with bandits or with the guards, be an **** or be the super good-guy. and it's this one of the best example i found in videogames and i really would like a game in which there is no good and no evil. I like the thing in bioshock, where you could kill or not the little sister, and i like very much the quest-choice in the witcher, the first. If possible in project eternity i would like to see a new approach. No do the right thing and be a hero or do the bad thing and for example earn more money but kill someone you could save. i Would like to decide in every situation what to do, but not a good and evil. This is a couple of example to show my idea. You are a good guy the usually help people and deafeat monster etc for money and glory, but one day you see the most beautiful woman in the world. you try to seduce her, but she just snob you and go away, so the hero decide for one time to be not so good. He go to a black withc and ask her for a potion to help him seduce the lady, the witch ask him something bad, like kidnap a child, a first-born, and take her so she can use him like a sacrifice to evoke a great demon. Then he get the potion and bewithc the girl. And that's all. There could be consequences, like parents of the girl who smell the deception or the demon starts to kill people etc. Second example. You are a bad guy, you usually do dirty works to earn money to become a lord and have a piece of lend under your reign one day. But you find yourself in a small village and stay there for few days. the village is attacked by bandits and you could easily run away but you stay and help the villagers to defend themselfs. At the end they give you little money and say thanks. Then the leader of the bandits seeing that you are popular in the village ask you to kidnap some young girls to be sold as slave to very rich lord. Nobody would suspect you and you could earn much money. But you refuse. Just because you don't like theese bandits and their chief, maybe they will trouble you in the future but this time you did something good, and that's all. i hope this explane my idea of the argument, to sum up i would say: please make a rpg in which you can decide in every situation independently what to do and not a play good>glory and respect, play bad>money and power, just try to evolve theese mechanics thanks for reading and excuse errors
  5. i have great hopes for this game, please let me play it in my lenguage, but i feel sorry for the others too, so just make many localization as you can
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