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  1. "Some Missing Assets - There are some pieces of the game that are still being implemented - like VFX, Audio, and Icons. You may notice that some assets are either missing or are temporary."
  2. I assume a new boar spawns every time you enter location (same with lootpiles).
  3. Have no noticeable problems with memory on this fight, but have to fight shload of boars and after a fight was over loot keeped respawn every time l reenter location (going in and out buildings etc.). Also have some empty pile of loot in a temple and item models laying on the ground in random places.
  4. Didn't Obsidian already announced capability to include elves, dwarves and other lesser species in your group? What else do you want? *seriously* A dog would be nice.
  5. The Lion Armor (was possibly made for of King Henri II of France) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZJMBRq_RnPk Photo gallery: http://mreen.org/Zhu...ml#!prettyPhoto
  6. You either argue with an idiot, or feed the troll. In any case, this is quite pointless.
  7. Another example of dull and boring european armor. Armor of Nicolaus IV Radziwill (~1555): http://mreen.org/Her...la-1555-gg.html
  8. Armour of the Sigismund, Archduke of Tirol. More here: http://mreen.org/Her...liana-1-go.html
  9. Oh, I thought this thread is about jews and blacks... *this joke was as irresistible for me, as it inappropriate for you*
  10. And sometimes you just want to kill her... oh, wait, did I said it out loud?
  11. Yes, heavily inspired by Maximilian. I just make wrong conclusions due to attached picture. My bad. I haven't played Dark Souls, so my knowledge about the game is limited by Google-dzutsu =)
  12. I've enjoyed Fallout as well, so let's bring powerarmor and miniguns in P:E? You opposing realistic design with no particular reason for it, just for the sake of opposing something. To be fair It's not a Maximillian armor) It's stylization for some generic European armor, quite adequate, but it's clearly not a Maximilian and not of 16th century) Just to be clear with terms. =) It's good looking armor (in Dark Souls) and it is realistic enough (doesn't have to be a replica).
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