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  1. I had this problem on 7 days to die and MMX some time back (both unity based games). The problem was a corruped font file. 1) Go to C:\Windows\Fonts\ 2) Find uncl.ttf 3) Delete it More on it here
  2. A nice (and sensible) theory. Unfortunatly for any publicly traded company it won't happen. Investors pony up their money in expectation of a return, and they want a big return and right now. They don't give a stuff about quality, stable fanbase or quality. A private company such as Valve, Obsid or CDProjekt can set their own marching pace, but the vast majority of companies such as EA, Ubi, etc have to obey their shareholders. And just look at the average shareholder to see what they want - cash, lots of it, right now, and stuff the long term. Even if they have to 'eat the seed corn' to make that cash.
  3. Turn it into a side quest line. You cant use the inn in town X until you find the cause of the disapperance of the owner. "Sorry <CharName> the inn has been abandoned since the owner disappeard under mysterious circumstances. Some say he was kidnapped by Grognards, while others swear he chanted "Avellone, Avellone, Avellone" into a mirror before vanishing. But whatever happened, no inn or tavern here until it is solved". <<Accept Quest. "Incident at the Inn?" Y/N>>
  4. Hmm, not sure how useful a cat based boomerang (catterang?) would be. It would only work when it felt like it, leave dead things in your boots, insist on being coddled and petted, and get into fights with other boomerangs. Though on the plus side you could direct its flight path with a laser pointer.
  5. "Hats were important. They weren't just clothing. Hats defined the head. They defined who you were. No one had ever heard of a wizard without a pointy hat - at least no wizard worth speaking of. And you certainly never heard of a witch without one...It wasn't the wearing of the hats that counted so much as having one to wear. Every trade, every craft had its hat. That's why kings had hats. Take a crown off a king and all you had was someone good at having a weak chin and waving to people". - Terry Pratchett "Witches Abroard". As for a cat on the head, unless said wizard has a head like Herman Munster, I dont think said cat will be balanced there for long. Unless claws are involved in which case said cat may have a short lifespan.
  6. I think why some people may be a bit wary is that as soon as players hear the word 'publisher' you get alarms. The major publishing houses most are familiar with are combined development/publishing houses (EA, Ubi, etc) so if market reseach by the publishing division indicates "Awesome buttons sell more units" they tell the developer division to put them in, and the developers are required to do so. Even Paradox has its own internal development arm (Europa/Crusader series). With Obsidian contracting Paradox to publish/distribute is a good allocation of resources (let the experts do their job in their respective fields) as long as Paradox _only_ publishes/distributes and doesn't have any say in what the developers submit. From what Feargus Urquhart this seems to be the case. Also as Paradox did not provide the money to produce PoE they would have no say in the contents in any case.
  7. 'Grats. And that'll teach you to cross the path of a black cat in the future. Especially one that makes funny noises when you squeeze it.
  8. From the word of god on regarding linking the users memorial blurb to the users item (at whatever tier that is).
  9. Exactly. And if people are feeling uncreative, use this chance to be so. After all, you can't tar and feather someone via a keyboard. ************** Mr Sawyer was before the court The charge, murder one And it was plain to see Had no regret what he had done "He asked for it" he growled Leaning over the body That damn reporter Called my pikmin, a teletubby (In regards to this article on the 17 Dec 2012) ******************
  10. That was said in update 16 on Oct 6, though checking the current statement on KS, it doesn't mention the batman decoder ring. Given the KS was closed 17 Oct maybe they removed it. I hope so, or at least the ring being a plot item for something else with reading memorials being a bonus.
  11. None of the past queries on this gave an offical answer, so I would assume the catagory of 'personal' means it can be anything (within reason of course). The only word I could find from on high was from Feargus, which we now know to be 200 chars Though I would be fairly certain if the Dev's didn't like something for whatever reason (Lore, language, etc), they would ask the person to change it to fit, similiar to the items/npcs.
  12. Squeaky the Cat Lives: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 "Just one more look can't hurt..." *************************** John Doe B: 2389AI D: 2478AI Well, after a bit of consideration I'd much rather be standing where you are *************************** Here I lie in the grave Waiting to move on To get to the other side But am stopped by Charon He wont let me on his boat To cross the Styx's waters That bloody cheapskate boatman Won't accept Canadian dollars ***********************
  13. Hmm, since I have some time and a glass of wine Squeaky was a cat Who the romance threads did roam And a minute later His head did explode At the inquest of his death The judge ruled ‘suicide’ As who visit such threads Always die a little inside. (191 chars) Codpieces, boobplate Waifus and Jailbait Hooray they’re finally dead Obsidian knocked them on the head Bury them very deep Tramp the dirt with our feet Oh no, the modders came To bring them to life again (196 chars) Is this a rune or something? Insidious did inquire Seeing the glyph on the door As she did retire The answer was short and swift In a *BANG* heard near and far And what remained of her We put in this jar (196 chars)
  14. Hmm, given the current controversy over reviews on the web, perhaps a brothel (like Madam Lil's in Arcanum) would be more appropriate for said NPCs? Colin could be the sheep.
  15. Put them as NPC's in the game - but make them killable in amusing ways. Since reviewers only play 5 nano-seconds, they'll never know the interesting...experiments...players can perform on their avatars. Reviewer: Ooh, me in video game! Me give 10/10. Player: Hey, I fit three reviewers on this pike...lengthwise!
  16. I've been wondering along those lines since I read about the "Godhammer" bomb in an update. You had Saint Waiden running around saying the god Eothas spoke to him and leading a theocratic revolution, but ever since Waiden was blown to bits Eothas no longer "speaks to his faithful"? Did the god get blown up with his avatar? Was Waiden a total fraud on a power trip? Or is it something weird with souls? Who knows? I much prefer the guessing of not really knowing or maybe a series quests to actually sneak a peek behind the curtain, as opposed to opening the "Big Book of Deities" and finding out everything about them (from their existence to what they had for dinner).
  17. Maybe just post updates when they hit the various milestones in the project. That way they always have something new to show and dont have to waste time filling updates with fluff (nothing new, so here's a picture of kittens), and if something exciting show up in the middle, they can post it as a bonus. Have a graphic like the kickstarter - a marker folowwing a winding trail through forests and mountains with the milstones on it to show where they are in the dev cycle. That way people know roughly when the next update is due and dont keep demanding for a progress update.
  18. Have the "Dark Rock" mine supervised by the Fearful Gus. Toiling in the mine and chained to their tools, the slaves work to produce glittering gems from the common muck of the Really Poor Granite bedrock. And the only thing which keeps them going is the pet pink unicorn.
  19. Kickstarter grabs 5% IIRC, Amazon another 3% or so for payment processing. If via Paypal (if payment is a simple money transfer) it's free.
  20. I thought about it before selecting this tier, as the details were a bit scarce (apart from Name-Race-Class, though more details will probably show up soon). What would Obsidian do to my character? Would they be little more than a “Hello <Charname>” robot? Would they have anything of the characters personality? Would they have a queue of PC’s lining up to abuse/kill/loot her? Would the Obsid crew roll their eyes when they saw her? Etc etc But in the end I decided “why not”? When PE ships, somewhere in the game will be one of my old PnP characters. And regardless of what happens I will have a faint moment of pride/ego that she has gone from a single character amongst millions of gamers, to getting a momentary appearance on the international stage from a brilliant gaming company, even if she is just a robot. And if she is something more, all the better. And if players want to/do kill her, she is still remembered by someone other than myself in some small way in that someone wanted to kill her as opposed to ‘meh another NPC not worth my time’. As for abusing the tier by putting in silly/troll NPC’s, I suspect the ‘Epic item tier’ would be more open to abuse with - monstrously overpowered weapons or names like “Banana of Monkey Summoning’. But as mentioned before, the PE team has control of what goes in/out, so things are filtered.
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