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  1. I didn't find this thread when I searched initially, and just posted that I have the same problem. I have a manual save where she is okay, guess I should continue from that and see if I can avoid it again going forward.
  2. Playing Xbox/Supernova. Got to Monarch and after doing a bunch of quests with Nyoka and Felix wanted to have Pavarti come along for the first time in a while, but when I leave the ship, she auto-dies and I see her body near the ship. Happens on Groundbreaker too so far. Any ideas?
  3. There may yet be a super-duper high end digital tier offered, even at this late date, so keep an eye on things if that interests you!
  4. Welcome fellow Order members! I am HeartbreakRidge, Lawgiver of the Obsidian Order!
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