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  1. Why is the fact that Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma actually had purposes beyond spellcasting a point against PS:T? Having the stats actually affect gameplay beyond combat was genius. And I agree with the others that combat was supposed to be awkward and feel like a punishment in PS:T. Unless you were in the maze or fighting Ravel or Trias, you were probably doing something wrong.
  2. Edair looks older as well, but he actually looks older in a 'competent, world weary' way to me. I like having older characters in games, especially as I get older myself, just not ones that look like Forton... He looks like Ned Stark He's even aimed Edair... Sacrificial lion, you heard it here first
  3. Only if one of the Vampires has bleached hair, a leather duster and is voiced by James Marsters. And I don't see that as particularly likely with this setting or budget.
  4. Unless my history text last year was wrong... Maybe he only popularized it, but the Swedish Invasion during the Thirty Years War brought its first widespread use.
  5. Don't forget to give Gustavus Adolphus his due. Without his inventing the salvo, in which large groups of roving musketmen would all fire at once at a single target, firearms would have taken much longer to break through,
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