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  1. I can confirm this also under Linux. Also the same Issue with other characters that the cape is not correctly aligned, still a bit far away from the body.
  2. It should be available at the same time (barring unforeseen problems). It is running pretty well right now. Wow this is good news, at least you are trying to make it i see my money was a good investment.
  3. Will the Linux version also come on this release date or is there another delay like in the alpha/beta? Would be really sad
  4. I have exactly the same issue, game running awesome with wine (still hoping to see the native linux version soon!) but i can't save or load any game, so i have to start from the beginning every time, which sucks :/
  5. If you look into the HumbleBundle they have several ways of distribution, most of the games are just tar.gz and some also support .deb and .rpm. The minor have .bin or just a great .sh file. I would prefer the tar.gz file, but i'm also fine with .bin/.sh. I guess it's no big deal to offer more ways, and i think desura is nice, but i prefer not to depend on a plattform so i would love .tar.gz as i can use it on my primary workstation with Gentoo (hey a ebuild would be awesome and also with LFS and Slackware. I hope they will use the beta time to deal with this issues, so we can help them.
  6. I hope the beta key is also for Linux users, like us, because this would help to fix issues with several distributions and drivers. I would help as much as i can, as i'm also working with linux as a developer.
  7. I had the same issue, but i can confirm that the mail didn't reach the mailserver for several hours, nor greylisting or anything else. I guess the obsidian mailserver was busy or something else. But now everything fine here, too
  8. So we just need to wait for it thanks
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