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  1. How much RAM does that ultrabook have? The maps are enormous images loaded into memory and each one has several different version (for lightmaps and such) so any computer without a lot of memory is probably going to have issues, although they did say recently they are working on that. 4 GB
  2. Is the performance of the beta supposed to be at all representative of the final product? Because it runs so slow on my computer it's nearly unplayable. OK, this isn't exactly a gaming machine, it's an ultrabook. But it's only like a year old and has a Haswell i5 in it. And I had assumed that since this was a mostly 2D game it ought to still be able to run acceptably. But what I've found isn't acceptable at all. Just scrolling the viewpoint to see more of the map takes forever. Makes the whole game a chore to play.
  3. Permadeath all the way. Mind you I'm not against reloading, but having raise dead spells breaks the immersion for me.
  4. So we know that there are going to be Mac and Linux versions of the game, but will there be a beta for them? And if so will kickstarter beta keys apply to it? Or is the beta just for Windows users? I don't run Windows so I don't see any point in getting a beta key that I'm not going to have any use for. But presumably other versions of the game will still need debugging, right?
  5. I like cities that make some sort of sense, and that's always been a problem with underground cities. Even in a fantasy setting I want to be be able to answer questions like "why would anyone build a city there?" and "what do they eat?", and that's hard to do for underground cities. It just seems enormously impractical without any sort of benefit. Cities require food, first and foremost. And it's hard to grow food where there's no sun. But more than that, what's the point of making your city underground? If your setting can't answer those questions, don't make an underground city just be
  6. You are a small-minded fool. I play all manner of RPGs, never much cared for this particular cultural divide. And actually my favorite sound track of all time goes to an obscure under-appreciated JRPG called Nier. The soundtrack alone makes that game worth playing in my opinion. Some examples (more than I could embed, so I'll just do links): Ah heck, every track in this game is worth listening to. Just go check it out. One interesting thing about the Nier soundtrack is the heavy use of vocals, which is unusual in RPGs but they're
  7. You know, I always saw the blight in Dragon Age more as a force of nature than an antagonist. The real story wasn't the blight, it was about how people responded to the blight. And for that purpose it worked fine.
  8. First of all, let me say that I'm new here but I loved what I read in this thread and registered just to share my two cents. There are some really cool ideas, but here are a few that I don't think have really been touched on: Non-traditional uses of attributes If D&D has done one thing for roleplaying games it's instilled this idea that warriors are strong but stupid, mages are weak but smart, etc. It really doesn't have to be that way. Check out some old fantasy literature, pre-D&D, such as classic Conan the Barbarian novels. Conan is unquestionably a warrior type, but he's n
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