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  1. I would tend to agree with you in that it is nostalgia, but to some degree, it's also the toolset that was packaged with the game. I think I've enjoyed player-created stories and campaigns a lot more than I did the one packaged with the game and the community has managed to do some interesting things with the limited objects it has been provided, but that's moving us away from the topic of discussion. My thoughts on "save scumming" are generally that every time I see a discussion like this one appear on a game forum, it makes me cringe. This is one of many reasons multiple play modes wer
  2. I don't think we should forget that based on the pledge additions, they are planning on making an expansion pack as well, which will no doubt include more overland areas to explore. Personally, I am fine with the current scope of the game and depending on how the mega dungeon levels are done, they may end up being just as or more satisifying than a few extra overland areas.
  3. Does the OP actually play fantasy games or read fantasy lit or even, gods forbid, "high" lit with a fantasy edge? My thoughts are that he has dabbled and little else because if he had bothered to dip more than his little toe in, he'd realize there are a lot of tragic endings. They are probably in the majority in most well-written/designed books and games. I expect to see multiple endings for this game or one exceptionally well-done ending that fits the story. Not one that pleases His Lordship, mcmanusaur. Nice work on the poll too. It's not a poll if the only option is "Yes." Addi
  4. That's an awfully large niche audience that just funded it and has been drooling over it.
  5. I'm confused about why people are complaining already about a problem I can only describe as "too much content" having seen nothing of what the devs are actually doing beyond descriptions and some artwork. I have faith in Obsidian to get this right. Because if they don't, it will be remembered as one of the most epic game flops in recent history.
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