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  1. I also wanted to voice my support. I paid a substantial amount of money during the keystarter ($100+) just because you were supporting Linux. I understand there are hurdles developing for a different OS, might I suggest in the future reaching out to the community. We are quite passionate and I for one (who work professionally on Linux) would have provided whatever support you would have required for free. Especially if the bulk of the issues are around infrastructure, you should never feel like you have to do it alone. There are so many of us who can and will help just to see our platform succeed. Here's hoping for more good things to come!
  2. So my question is this. I backed for $85 on kickstarter but then bumped it up to $130 through the backer portal. Should I get my name in the credits? Additionally, shouldnt I have at least the K badge?
  3. Thanks guys, good luck, hopefully the deadline isnt too tight!
  4. I'm sorry we missed you. There has been a boost in numbers (>100) and a closed thread between dlux last update and when I took over. May I ask once again for your title? You are on the last list I've sent to Fionavar. The list is about 112 entries. You will, my friend. I have to ask for your patience. Fionavar has a very long list, since there is a rush on the KS campaign now and the numbers of the Order increases rapidly atm. You will get your title, but it might take another day or two. No problem, thanks for the work!
  5. Feagus is online and of course the comments are going nuts Also, I am still waiting for my title please and thanks! Stratus - Obsidian Order Penguin Herder
  6. I thought I should mention I have chosen the name Stratus - Obsidian Order Penguin Herder
  7. Greetings all, I just upped my pledge to join the order! I started at $25 and now I am some how roped into $85! yikes damn you obsidian!
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