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  1. Does changing the difficulty from Hard to Path of the Damned (PotD,) using the console command, partially or completely respawn enemies in all the areas you already cleared? I read that PotD difficulty adds the enemies from all difficulties onto your maps. Does that mean if you change from Hard to PotD that the maps you've cleared will be partially or completely respawned with enemies? How does the game determine, after changing to PotD, which encounters will have enemies added to them?
  2. Was Grimda still hostile? She shouldn't be since they are all tied together but if Grimda was still hostile then enter the console commands below after you enter the Hall of Revealed Mysteries but before Grimda sees and attacks you. Warning! Using console commands will turn off achievements in Steam for this game. Hit the ` key and then hit enter. IRoll20s - This will turn on console commands. SetIsHostile NPC_Grimda False - This will make Grimda no longer hostile.
  3. I found a work around. If you put your party into sneak mode before you enter The Hall of Revealed Mysteries then no one will be hostile towards you. You will have to do this every time. For some reason if they can see you when you enter they are flagged as hostile towards you. I hope this works for the rest of you as well, tell me if it does so we'll know if it works for everyone and not just me.
  4. I also stole the Theorems of Pangram without being detected and no one was aggressive towards me until I left and came back. I even talked to people right after I stole it and all was well. Now the entire Hall of Revealed Mysteries wants to kill me and I can't do the "Parable of Weal" task.
  5. I voted yes. I thought about voting yes, but only a small amount, until I thought that it depends on how you play the game. You may have created a character who only likes to fight and who directs their party in the same way. Which I feel you should be equally rewarded for.
  6. I increased my pledge from $25 to $33, which is $8. I would like to be "Troll Cook of the Obsidian Order" if that is possible.
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