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  1. My rogue couldn't beat them either...three on one, well, too much to handle for me at that point but ... recruited some folks in Gilded Vale and it was payback time (including the bloody bear! )
  2. Well, if that's your only complaint about the game...?! Personally, I never cared or do care for these tombstones...quickly read through them, then forgot about them. Not at all an immersion-breaker for me ...
  3. Glad to see I am not the only one kissing the floor all the time (and on normal that)...I already cursed every god available and .. yeah, also the devs, shame on me...but so far I managed to overcome all obstacles ... more or less ... But haven't entered Raedrics Fortress yet, or Caed Nua ... Guess I'll lose a lot of hair in the coming days...
  4. Alright, two hours into the game, and one hour alone for char creation! And even though some might argue its too early to really praise a game I cannot do otherwise...I love it already. So I'll join in and want to say: Thank you, that you took the risk to make this game, which hopefully will not only pleasure us BG-veterans but may also show younger folks the joy of a "true" RPG. Not that I do not like other modern takes of the genre as well, but damn...killing my first wolf and solving the first easy puzzle in the first little dungeon, scouting ahead with my rogue and backstabbing foes wh
  5. Too bad Bloodborne is only console, I kinda dig that scenario and looks of the game...but I won't buy a console just for one game, thank you very much ^^ And Pillars will (hopefully) keep me busy enough anyway for the next weeks ... and damn Geralt is also coming around again...and maybe at teh end of the year that re-release-ripoff of Dark Souls II might be on sale already on Steam and I might get weak and ... Tides of Numeria is a while still, isn't it?
  6. Two years we waited, sulked in the shadows, waited, waited for the game to be released...patience we told ourself, paaaatiencccceee...time will go by, the day will come... But now WE WANTTTSSS IT WE NEEEEDDSSS IT! GIve USSS our PRECIOUSSSSS!!!! Ahem, sorry, just needed a place to vent off my steam ...
  7. *sigh* Instead of "want" I rather should use words as "like", "wish", "hope" "would be nice to see", "carefully propose" And I do not WANT sexism, I can do without it. I just think sexism is even today in our so-called modern and advanced society a severe problem and issue and also think that armor with boobs is a little more "realistic" in a medieval fantasy setting than that such a kind of world has overcome every gender-prejudice since the cavemen-era...it is just a little ridiculous that every fantasy-setting is so politically correct... But I will admit, I actually don't really ge
  8. I guess I won't get a like for this but I'll admit: PST was nice, but I never really put it on the throne so many others did. In fact, even after playing through the games two or three times...in the end the Nameless One's problems with mortality and transcendence were pretty lost on me...It was a nice change though, and yes it got me intrigued for different playthroughs to find out a little more...but after all was said and done, PST didn't left that much of an impact on me... Maybe it is also because I couldn't relate to the protagonist and. especially, could never immerse myself into th
  9. Then it would be okay for me, why not? I am a bit puzzled, I merely stated what I would like to see for a change, as I think the typical political correctness medieval fantasy world with absolute gender-equality is a little overdone, that's all. But if they go that route I'll be fine... EDit: And what is fanservice-wish-fullfillment anyway?
  10. I think this is a very important point, at least for me. No matter what CRPG I played, with more or less background provided by the game for my character, in the end the romance, if one was possible, was fleshed out mostly in my head anyway, which was and still is far more fun anyway. So, if they do not really implement a true romace in PE than at least I hope that the different NPCs etc get enough Character and personality that I can relate to them enough to maybe make up a romance for my chars in my head... And in a way I just realize that a game like PE might be even more suited for a t
  11. Prepare for these topics for the next year and beyond...and I'll post this every time I swear! *evilgrin* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi0tje6xfWs
  12. I want to ride a dragon...but not in PE, I'll wait for the next DLC for Skyrim, maybe it'll come true...
  13. It has already been said: With the engine used in PE I do not think the On-screen physical depiction of women will be much of an issue. And from the artwork so far, if they go that route for the portraits also, I think Chainmail-bikinis won't be seen. And for everyone not liking this I am sure portriats will be customizeable and moddable enough so Louis Royo will find his way to PE too... I am far more interested in how PE will depict women in general in this world...not their looks, but how they are treated/viewed like. Will female warriors something totally normal, like in most if not al
  14. Yeah, the mere fact I know this after a decade makes me feel a little ashamed. His portraits annoyed me, he looked like the slimy brother of Cmdr. William Riker from Star Trek, and his whole attitude was so whiny...if you had Paladin Keldorn with you the difference in quality of these two men was so obvious it hurt. Okay, Anomen got a little more bearable later, and they say love sometimes equals suffering. Still I used a little patch later and made all romances available to my female chars...*sigh*...Anomen made them lesbians...Viconia was kinda cool though... Anyway, this might also
  15. Something I would like to see for a change, considering that PE hopefully becomes a franchise using the same hero as import, is a romance that has truly grown. Not just like "Hey, I am the hero, lets make out before we kill the endboss!"...but that evolves over time. And please, no showering with gifts to increase the love-level...either connect a relationship to the story and dialogue, or not at all. Bioware actualyl had the chance for this with Mass Effect...but sadly they decided not to make a coherent trilogy, but three games simply labeled Mass Effect, and rather added a cohort of poi
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