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  1. Been playing almost entirely Eternal Card Game on Steam for last months. It's pretty great, it's an MtG clone that slightly streamlines some mechanics, and takes a lot from Hearthstone's UI and presentation. Can make some absolutely dumb combo decks with it, it's great. One minion that buffs all 4+ drops in hand, 2 copies of a spell that draw a buffed copy of a unit in your hand, A single otherwise weak 6-drop unit that is free if you cast 2 spells this turn. Then boom, suddenly 21ish mana worth of tempo on 4 mana turn. Inconsistent, but I love it.
  2. Necropolis content update added a new playable character class
  3. New post-Shim'zar list of budget decks for 10 of the 12 generals Spirit cost ranges from 900 to 1840. Sajj and Zir'an are not included because they need more rare cards to play substantially different from the other general of their respective factions.
  4. DreamWayfarer is correct. This is a negative minion "gifted" for the opponent, making it really clunky to ever remove because they can't just smack their own totems, nor can the totems ever gain attack power, or act in any way. They have to use removal spells or dispels to stop the effect, there's no other way.
  5. Just play joke decks for a year stubbornly as all hell and end up with a stupidly expensive Artifact Sajj deck (which is still a joke tbf, yesterday I had mere 52% winrate) The new Vetruvian artifact is hilarious if you can get it with blast. But I think I'm gonna shelf this deck for a while because I want to make some expensive changes with the new expansion cards, and go to my old favorite Ranged Vanar,
  6. Expansion now out! See if I can reach S-rank before season ends. Right now Diamond rank 2
  7. The lion is a free monthly card when you reach rank 20. So you will get one.
  8. Oh yeah, been playing the game for a full year. Mostly ranged Vanar but I've lately got my 2nd Vetruvian ribbon playing Artifact Sajj. It's not a great deck but it's fun. And going to get WAY more powerful with the new expansion and monthly cards because they give her tools to remove minions without getting damaged herself. Edit: for starters these two
  9. Well, Boris Johnson just said that he will not run for Prime Minister
  10. Oh, since you brought up nazis, have this. A Pro-Leave poster and a Nazi propaganda film
  11. So no formal deal negotiations have even started and Farage is already openly insulting MEPs and making threats
  12. Indeed, and the referendum promise was no show of "integrity" but a cheap campaign trick to get more votes for Conservatives back in 2013. But okay, let's say he genuinely wanted the people to have a say... why did he as the Prime Minister not even start making a plan in case Leave voters won? No matter who leads the Leave campaign, it is him who is supposed to fly out to Brussels for the meetings and represent his country. He either expected easy victory, or did not want to give the Leave campaign even ounce of legitimacy. David Cameron stepping down is no show of character, but rathe
  13. You can't possibly blame Scotland for feeling this way when their result on the Referendum was 62% for Remain If there's any reason to separate, I'd say the disagreement on the sudden decision to tear down many decades of partnerships and mutual agreements and lessening your buying power from being part of a big block, is good enough reason for it. Are you against Scotland holding another, say, referendum, about leaving UK? #Sexit
  14. Although funny enough, the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has been very active over the weekend, exploring options to keep Scotland in EU with or without England
  15. UK will be fine, as Boris Johnson shows France is entirely dependant on their export
  16. Probably not gonna spend much money this sale aside from buying copies of multiplayer games for my friends so my old MMO group can have something to play together
  17. Gwent is going to have a 10+ hour story campaign where the battles are fought as the card game
  18. Decided to post here because this is not exactly gaming news. Apparently throughout this spring, Titan Quest has gradually been heavily patched. Multiplayer, compatibility, Steam workshop support, optimization, old bugs previously left to fanpatches to fix, and there even are quality of life improvements, and even game balance changes! The patch notes even tell why a working skill was changed
  19. Blood & Wine off to a really good start. One of the new neutral skills TRIPLES the damage on your damaging bombs, but halves their slots (rounded up). Bomb damage just became relevant again. Also, the Bruxa is one of the best monsters CDPR may have created in terms of boss combat design. Most of your tools are useable to some degree and will make the fight much easier than just flailing with your sword.
  20. Oh, the tech loot in Satellite Reign is randomized. That certainly helps replay value.
  21. I'm not going to waste a dime on such a thing, Twiggie will have to suffer several cases of broken legs until he gets better at this. Money is better spent on making my guys more killy. Also, let me introduce my group of mindcontrolled loyal redshirts. They're called Wasteof Hijack, Clone Body and his brother Anotherclone Body
  22. This god damn Support guy failed the same short zipline to safety over 5 times while everyone else aced it on their first attempt. He's lucky that his part of the facility doesn't see that many patrols I should just start calling him Twig-Arms for his lack of upper body strength. Pick up the pace, Twiggie!
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