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  1. yeah, also seriously annoyed at the way almost any woman on camera was treated during that chat. It seemed to make more than one person visually uncomfortable. Not a great way to support a company.
  2. I"m gonna throw in a vote for being able to do the dungeon at once if you'd like to muscle through it. Or at least having some way to transport yourself to and from the exact spot you were at. I hate having to go back to places over and over and waste time on inflated travel / discovery. It feels like a sad way to increase play time and "content" - I'd rather have it story driven and interesting investigation that makes me want to go deeper and deeper all at once.
  3. the green shirt girl thing is kind of embarrassing. I wonder when women in the industry will no longer have to deal with this stuff... anyway, congrats obsidian, this really was amazing and I'm looking forward to future updates. I've gotten used to the daily mail from you all.
  4. Congrats guys. I've never seen a better run donation campaign, kickstarter or any other medium. Going to be pointing to that one for some time.
  5. Hey why not, I was looking for an excuse to throw more moneydown. Probably won't use this account until the game is out (I'm of the type who tries to avoid info or spoilers as much as possible until I get to sit down and play the final product). http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/ianaleksander have it say "Ardently Denies In The Existence of the Obsidian Order" thanks!
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