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  1. Does this work if Watcher is female? Yes. None of the sex workers acknowledge your gender at all.
  2. What!? Is that true? People don't complain becaues they don't know!! I mean, hookers are kind of a waste of money in RPGs, so who actually tests this stuff? http://i.imgur.com/BatxdgU.jpg I hope you can save Gjefa at the start of Deadfire, if you recruited her. She deserves better. Save her from yourself? Anyway if they have a romance that is this obscure I don't think any of us would complain. I meant eothas stomping around nomming on souls. I doubt anyone besides you and the Stewart walk away but I hope you can save the named characters that live there like Gjefa and Korgak.
  3. Oh, since I failed to address this in my previous posts: List of attractive female companions in PoE1: Iselmyr, Sagani, Grieving Mother, Pallegina, Maneha, Devil of Caroc List of attractive female companions in Deadfire: Iselmyr, Pallegina, Maia, Xoti, Ydmir(?) You might be asking "Hey, isn't that the list of all the female companions?" And the answer is YES EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM IS ATTRACTIVE WHAT THE ****ING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
  4. Probably the queen. Unless she turns out to be too much of a jerk for me to stomach working with, then I'll take the Yes Man "screw 'em all" option, granted that it's not worse.
  5. What!? Is that true? People don't complain becaues they don't know!! I mean, hookers are kind of a waste of money in RPGs, so who actually tests this stuff? http://i.imgur.com/BatxdgU.jpg I hope you can save Gjefa at the start of Deadfire, if you recruited her. She deserves better.
  6. You know, I don't know why I don't see more of the anti-PC romance people complaining about Gjefa. You know, the sex worker from the Salty Mast who, if you have 19 CON or higher, will be so impressed with your performance that she'll quit her job and move into your quarters at Caed Nua to have sex with you as much as you want for free for the rest of her life.
  7. He's blue, which normally would indicate Rauataian, but that could very likely be his godlike features.
  8. There is going to be a time limit but we dunno how generous it will be yet.
  9. How much did PoE raise after the end of the Kickstarter? Iirc it was nearly a full extra million.
  10. Dear people who think Ydwin is "more feminine" than the other lady companions: Huh? Have... Have you guys ever seen how butch women dress and behave before? Ydwin's dresses like a soft butch if I've ever seen one. I think you guys are just projecting because she's an elf.
  11. I still don't get why anyone would want 20 super thin and superficial companions when we could have a handful of really meaty ones with lots of content and things to say instead. But that's just my opinion.
  12. I think he's objecting to her vagina and glasses. I agree, she'd be even better if she were trans and wore a monocle.
  13. Ydwin has such a big price tag because another companion is a massive expense. One they probably weren't expecting like they were Xoti.
  14. I'm not attracted to women, I just like morbid weirdos. Plus she is stylish too. I like women who are morbid weirdos. I am a massive dork.
  15. Spoiler: Fulvano is the final boss. He's sitting on a throne in the deepest room in a castle on the last island. When you reach him, he'll be like "Hahaha! You have done well to make it this far! But now I shall personally dispose of you!!" in an ironic twist, kiting is the most effective strategy against him Or just stand near the entrance. He just keeps running back and forth from his throne to the middle of the room for some reason.
  16. Well we don't really know much more about the companions besides character designs (for everyone except the sidekicks) and one-paragraph blurbs. But still, going off of that alone my favorites so far in order are: 1. Ydwin 2. Xoti 3. Maia Rua 4. Takehu 5. Serafin 6. The other three sidekicks are tied for 6th place because I don't care
  17. *sees Ydwin's concept art* Ahem, why, uhh, hello there... How many souls do I have to feed Woedica to raise $5Mil? And to make her queer?
  18. Doubtful, but it should be easy enough to just remake them in the new game and pretend they followed you from the Dyrwood.
  19. Crew member: "Watcher, we're out of canonballs! What do we do!?" Watcher: *scratches chin, looks over at the Steward's bust* Watcher: "I think I have an idea!" *hard cut to Serafen stuffed inside the cannon*
  20. I *LOVE* monster companions. In PnP games I play a monster myself about half the time. (The other half I play things like Tieflings and Mutants.) Sadly Obs doesn't seem too interested in doing it. We might get some monstrous crew hires for our ship like Korgak in PoE1, but that's all I would expect.
  21. I'm sorry but isn't this a little bit ridiculous? "perceived wrongs"? Trying to kill someone is wrong. You're reading a bunch of entitlement into him being mad about his goddess who he devoted his life to wanting him dead. I'm not saying he doesn't believe he is entitled to a reward from her but I don't see how your explanation for his anger at her works or is even needed. Well, he sure uses a lot of gendered insults. Not "that backstabbing ****" or "treacherous wench", it's all aboard the whore train with him. Frankly, I'm more surprised at the naivety of devising a god-killing weapon, then being surprised that your god wants to eradicate all knowledge pertaining to how such things are made (including, well, you). Yeah i'm not saying he is not a sexist, or that he isn't entitled. Just him being mad about that specific thing seems perfectly reasonable. You don't have to be entitled to be mad someone stabbed you in the back and literally tried to kill you, even if you are a terrible person who probably deserves it. I'd agree with you, except, it's not what I saw in that scene. If the attempt to kill him had been another test, Durance would have gladly accepted it and tried to conquer it. He didn't see a test, he finally saw that Magran was never going to give him what he wanted, no matter how much he begged and tortured himself for her. That's why I don't believe "You tried to kill me" is the reason Durance gets mad and wants vengeance. "You won't **** me, how dare you" fits much better.
  22. Just gonna say to this, it's about expressing power much more than satiating hunger. You don't need to be able to get it up to rape someone. As for the rest, I disagree, but I'll grant that it's a valid interpretation. My interpretation with the Godhammer is that Durance did it because he thought he had Magran figured out. He thought that if he put on the performance, made the necessary sacrifices, he would be rewarded with what he wanted. (Whether that was a cure for his impotence so he could do mortal women or literal sexual gratification from Magran I can't say: I certainly believe Durance is capable of believing that Magran would come down to Eora in corporeal form for him to sleep with.) He gave of himself for her, and when the reward he so desperately wanted was not forthcoming, he thought that it was just another test. He had to figure out what else he had to do to win Magran's reward. That's why he's so angry when he finds out that Magran intended for him to die with the other makers of the Godhammer. Like all toxic men, he believes he's entitled to his reward after making what he perceived as the necessary payments, and Magran's intention to never repay him is a betrayal. Like all misogynist ****s, his thoughts turn not to self-reflection, but to vengeance for his perceived wrongs. Yes, Durance is totally a Nice Guy to Magran. At least, that's how I interpreted it.
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