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  1. Just adding mine to the list: After leaving the smith's shop at night, my game froze when attempting to load into the village. Upon restarting the game and loading my last save, the offhand and ranged weapons of my dual wielders (rogue and cipher) had gone missing. The wizard got to keep his grimoire, though. Irrc, the missing weapons were part of the haul from the last fight before the crash, and I didn't think to check if it was somehow connected to the whole "loot piles respawn" issue.
  2. First of all, bugs or not, this is the most promising thing I've played all year. Nostalgia! The good kind! But on to the bugs: Unfortunately, screencapping isn't working properly for me, so I'll just have to make do with descriptions. Combat abilities are sluggish (as has been mentioned by others), and the lack of targeting feedback makes it difficult to tell if you actually accomplished something or not. Particularly hairy when attempting to heal. The quicksave notification could probably be moved somewhere a little more noticeable. Right now, it took me forever to realise that I should look for floating green text above the dialogue box for quicksave confirmation. Perhaps it's muscle memory, but I'm used to seeing "save/quicksave done" or whatever either center screen or top left. When doing the "tab to reveal containers/hidden objects" thing, I also get a bright blue pixel in the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you go into the options from main menu, the text on all the buttons will blank out if you choose Game, Graphics or Sound. Autopause and Control are fine. I haven't been able to reproduce this one: At one point, my game froze after leaving the smith's shop at night, and when reloading my last save, the offhand and ranged weapons were missing from the primary weapon sets of all dual wielders.
  3. Missing mine as well. It's there on my profile page; it just doesn't show up when I post. Oh well. First world problems. ETA: Ah, there we go. Thanks!
  4. It's odd, I'll give you that. Could not get it to work in Firefox, but it went through just fine on my phone, gods help me. Oh well. It worked, at least.
  5. Absolutely gorgeous. As has been mentioned elsewhere, I love how pre-rendered 2d leaves low poly 3d in the dust. I've been replaying the IE games of late, and I keep being surprised how gracefully their graphics have aged, compared to their contemporaries. Between this and Tides of Numenera, I'm actually excited about games in development again. But, but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XosZQh4rwOE
  6. Oh why not? It's not like my bank account can hate me any more at this point. Put me down as "Fluffy Wambler of the Obsidian Order".
  7. Pff. Arcanum was great. Buggy, hilariously unbalanced and woefully empty, yes, but probably my favourite original setting before or since. The potential, man, the potential...
  8. Should be doable, since they don't have to record (and re-record!) lines for a fully voiced game; the graphics are easier to deal with, etc. And even if it isn't, I don't think that anyone here will complain if Obsidian takes after Blizzard and Valve and just declares "It's done when it's done". I'll take good and polished to within an inch of its life over rushed out of the gate any day. On a different subject: Many thanks to the art folks for the insight into how the screenshot was made. It was beautiful at step three, but step four just brought back happy, fuzzy IE memories.
  9. You do occasionally end up with the other extreme, however. Like Morrowind. Vvardenfell was freaking enormous, and huge swathes of it all looked the same (gorgeous, aye, but still foyada upon foyada upon...oh look! another foyada). And in your pocket you had a map...for some inexplicable reason, since your character was apparently too dumb to actually use it to make note of locations, or even have your quest giver mark down a general area where they thought [location x] might be. There was this one quest where you had to follow an apparently well-known pilgrimage path. And even then you ended up bumbling around like an idiot, because apparently no one in the past four thousand years had thought to actually write down directions. The mod that allowed you to add markers was the greatest thing invented by the hand of man.
  10. I've been playing IE games since day one (dating oneself ftw), and I gotta say, I think there's room for improvement in the interface. It's absolutely the style that should be used for PE, agreed, but where we left off in IWD2 it's still not...hrm...ergonomic? I can't quite put my finger on it. I gotta say, though that your in-game journal thing was what I was getting at from the start. If they could put something like that in, and have it get updated as my character collects letters/makes charcoal rubbings/etc, I would be thrilled. Well, yes. And I am looking forward to it like you cannot imagine. But the saving grace there is that it'll be a pdf. Otherwise, you'd end up with something that, while still seventeen kinds of awesome, would have been finalised and printed before the final rewrites went into the game. See also: your average strategy guide.
  11. Pff. Getting blindsided by your UI at a critical moment is a rite of passage. ...or something. What can I say? I'm a world building nerd. The more indications there are that life goes on and civilization exists even when it's not interacting with my character, the happier I am.
  12. I realise this is partial heresy, but I'd love to see a bastard child of the Elder Scrolls in-game books, and the DA:O codex (that was sadly watered down for DAII). Snippets of lore and storytelling that you pick up as you explore the world, and can read at your leisure. I loved seeing the "codex updated" alert in DA:O and flipping through it to find the newest entry. Collecting the entries of Stalaga Negat enhanced the atmosphere of the Dead Trenches immensely. I'd love to see what a codex could bring to an already text-heavy game like PE.
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