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  1. I think the art style is absolutely fantastic. The artists you have on your team are doing any incredible job; seriously great work. As for the UI I feel it's "almost, but not quite". Fallout: Tactics was (in my opinion, many will disagree) one of the best games I've ever played. The UI in Fallout: Tactics was absolutely spot on. Picture attached. It's not that dissimilar to what you've already mocked-up, but perhaps less cluttered. All the information you need is there and if you need to know more specifics it's available through tabs. Again, great work. Glad I backed this project as
  2. Absolutely amazing. I wasn't expecting this to look as good as it does. I am really, really looking forward to this. I'm on a reasonable wage and I put forth (what I consider) a fairly substantial kickstarter pledge; it's extremely reassuring for me to see this screenshot.
  3. Paladin's/Knights/Holy Warriors/Clerics is how I roll. NOT to include a heavy armored healer would be treason.
  4. The thing that really put me off with this Loot Drop KickStarter was their description (or lack there of) of what was missing from other Role Playing Games and why they wanted to create what they could only describe as "An Old School Role Playing Game". The folks at Obsidian (I'm looking at you Josh, Tim, Chris) know EXACTLY what is missing from current Role Playing Games, what made the RPG's of the past great, and what they want to put in a game where they have complete creative freedom. They have direction, drive, ambition and best of all when they talk about Project Eternity they're gen
  5. This is something that has been weighing quite heavily on my mind at my current pledge as well. I'm curious to know what exactly will be in the Collectors Edition. My guess is that the Project Eternity team don't really know themselves yet. Chris Avellone is my favourite person on the planet so I doubt my pledge will actually change, but I'd still love to know what they're going to include.
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