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  1. I wasn't that impressed with the stronghold, it is one of the few things that I didn't like. In general I like the idea of a stronghold. However the mechanics are really shallow and it seems as if the stronghold is manned by ghosts, there isn't anyone there except the few hirelings which just stand there. I think it would have been much better if the keep was smaller in size, but with more detailed mechanics and some storytelling elements to it.
  2. This and that, I started playing darkest dungeon recently. It doesn't really have a story, there is very little exposition, but the atmosphere and the gameplay are great. Other than that I play occasionally hearthstone and GW2.
  3. Hi, there is friendly fire, though some spells targer only enemies. It also depends on the difficulty setting if I recall. For the printed version, it is included at the $250 pledges and up. I believe for the digital form it starts at the $35 pledges and up. In the latest update from Obsidian, you can purchase the collector's book by itself from select retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Random House. Hope this helps. Thanks for the info
  4. Good news, can't wait for the release, really like how the books are lokking. One question, is the collectors book available only to pledges of 250$ and up, or will it be available in digital form in the 110$ pledge?
  5. I encountered two significant bugs when i loaded the game. The first one i noticed is that all my journal entries dissapeared, although the NPCs were still having dialogue options suitable for the phase of the quest i was in. When I went to combat Merdeth and his henchmen, there were around 10 boar companions summoned, I'm pretty sure this is a bug.
  6. Just started downloading, can't wait to try it.
  7. Born in Serbia, but I just started doing my PhD in Tel Aviv in Israel.
  8. Nice, I always appreciate when someone makes wiki on their own. Falloutwiki is one of the most detailed and organized wikis I saw, I would like to help, but I don't have much experience with this sort of thing. I'll wait until beta begins or we get big lore update from Obsidian. I think I can handle doing quest guides, item descriptions and NPC profiles.
  9. I always go for some spellcaster at the first run. Probably wizard, but i'll definetly decide in character creation.
  10. Well i think it's a good thing there is going to be mega dungeon. I really liked the one in BGII, but i agree that 15 levels are an overkill if they make the level size same as in Baldur's gate. I wouldn't like to spend so much time in dungeon just to clear it. Now if they add a lot of background story to the dungeon that would ne entirely different story. I would like there to be a great mystery to be solved concerning the dungeon, and you find clues if you search for them. And in case you get enough of them by the time you get to the bottom you get to discover what that secret is.
  11. Ah the internet comments I stopped reading comments on youtube and streams and youtube quite a while ago. There's always someone who will spew hate. Thx for the info.
  12. Well I think 2014 sounds realistic to me, because i think they already did a lot of prep work. The way I understand it they already have the engine, lore and a lot of characters already done. Then again if they think they need the time I'd rather wait for it than play buggy/rushed game.
  13. Well the reason i pledged was mainly because of Torment. Torment had really complex characters, and you had a LOT of dialogue with them. I tried to get every single detail i could out of the companions,especially Morte, he's my favourite Now you had some romance you could pursue, but it was a part of interacting with character, not bonus banter. What i would like is to have a lot of interactions with all characters, and I suppose i'm fine with romance if it's written well. Not sure why this is such a hot topic, but if it comes to that I really don't want this to turn into Dragon age. A
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