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  1. Well to be fair it sounds like GOG's fault... and it's beta patch soooo.... just wait for 89 or whatever they will call it.
  2. Same here.... gog servers went down ( well only for 86 version)
  3. I think mix/max problem is "in your head problem". Played without min/max for cipher (hard) , had a great time( I hire Barbaric orlan companion though).
  4. Yeah! But ixamitl in my opionion have some mix between slavic and east cultures( like 30%/70%). Even word Ixamitl is not quiete slavic. I mean, i`m slavic and just cant spell this word in slavic manner, it`s just dont fit.
  5. Just got an idea about Skuldr. So they have ability to see soul,rigth? Adventures know this, some analogs of scientist knows that, thieves, locals...so what about guard patroling city or roads etc with those beasts on a chains? And what if those things can feel a "quality" of souls? Might be interesting.
  6. We have Mega-dungeon right? So why don`t make it like stairs to the underworld or something (with own factions, npc, weapons etc).So when you reach it this will affect somehow on the upper-world.(war, smuggling etc) Proper fighting animation like in NWN (parry etc) Stronghold with your own army that can become a new side of conflict. Features with souls like- in memory travels/consumption/ or placement in weapon. Curses! Curses (like in Baldur's gate) on weapons, armor or something like undroppable sack of potato. Magic system that requirer sacrifice from you to do high tier spells - l
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