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  1. Hm, not really I've just said what I said and I admit it was kinda off-topical. Just wanted to clear something up about a real-world. As speaking and credit-anegcies, it's always good idea to have one imho.
  2. As for a country comparing to other countries usually they are doing pretty well (especially after Andrie Borg is after their finances again) but what would you say about this one fact that Sweden's debt burden equals 853 300 000 000 USD which gives 91 487 USD of debt for each individual? This means that country is broke that kind of debt may not be paid are any circumstances and will not be. Of course, other countries are in the same condition which makes (almost) all countries broke and credit rating agencies because of the illusion they try to keep will place them higher than 'more broke' c
  3. Ok a couple of things: Economy: Somebody said nordic countries are rich by the way they are ruled. No, they are broke, believe it or not, it's true. It means if we want to keep things at best possible way we will want free market to do all decisions for us. It's just the way it is and in fact, it's quite brutal in the game, cause you as developers may not allow it! Low taxation makes governor rich by making residents rich. Somebody pointed it out, good for you. Optional ways of making money: Having ignored taxation and prestige system what is left? I want optional ways of making money
  4. I have an idea. What if we could make use of certain parts of more powerful monsters to display them in our own museum? E.g. We've dispatched group of trolls or witches. Having taken the skull of their leader we can put it on a display as a part of our monstorous collection available to be watched for a reasonable fee. That would be interesting way of making money and also would serve as a good game mechanics adding some monster hunting feel into the game. Also, for more evil characters perhaps we could be given opportunity to show off with the heads etc. of good characters we have killed
  5. About icons - I have always considered Dota's (which ever u take; first for smaller ones and second for bigger ones) icons ideal.
  6. Should something like hide armor be supplanted/made obsolete by leather as an "improved version"...? Yes, but... better materials used for the armor should mean harder experience in repairing it. Barbarian in light armour made of basilisk scales once he gets his armour damaged should be eager to wear his old good leather one which can be reapired much quicker and cheaper and probably at every station unlike teh fancy basilisk one. If armor types like hide (or scale, or mail) should remain viable on their own, how should that "upgrade" be expressed to the player? Functional descriptors
  7. Ok but I don't see how Rogue can become a Bard, it doesn't make sense
  8. Paladins should rather make a faction of battlepriests from mechanics' prospect. So No for Paladins as a class. On the other hand I don't think we shall be given anything like Bard as a Rogue so I opt for making this class. I'd love to see 2.8mln stretch goal for Bards and 1 more companion. Justification: Bard class made in a way different from rogue-fighter-buffer would make an awesome class. If they only could be mechnicaly interesting being not very versatile with their skills making any rogue redundant addon to the team I'd love to see them. Bard as a peace maker is also an option sin
  9. The reason pledges 'slowed down' is because of PayPal support. I wouldn't worry much guys about it. I will donate my 25$ on last days as well.
  10. This topic is pretty easy. Level scaling is great to some little extend.
  11. Russian and Polish translation sounds good in principle, although it being handled by distributors, which in this case almost certainly means 1C/Cenega, sounds less so, as many Polish/Russian players will likely agree. Ye... speaking off I'd rather want cdp.pl to take distribution upon them...
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