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  1. Taris is the best place to loot in the first game heh.
  2. LOL nice one dude hahahahha. (w00t) (w00t)
  3. if only there were't cut endings, we might see HK kick his big arse.
  4. have you sparred with her? i think you can gain major influence by sparring..don't know if its true, haven tried it before.
  5. [Force Lightning] DIE! *Net Light Points Gained* *Overall Party Influence Gained*
  6. G0-T0 hands down. i hate that fat blob floating in my ship. if only they let us kick it out of the ship...
  7. yeh i have the same feeling, iam anxiously awaiting for the announcement of KotOR3.. "
  8. one of the way to gain influence with him is get him to check the speeder at Nar Shadda after you've repaired it. Second way is to let him have a look at the moisturizers(?) in the crystal cave down at Dantooine. Third way, in the Dxun Mandalorian camp, there's a quest where you need to help the guy fix up this satellite. Get the parts, let him have a look. There you go. Hope it helps (:
  9. i don't like that fat one floating around =p
  10. all in all G0-T0 sucks. haha. i just hate it. i don't know why!
  11. indeed, she looks like Queen Talia.with the indian accent maybe?
  12. i bet those cheats screwed your game up. level 50 Visas? level 50 mandalore? hmmm.
  13. Alot of glitches! remember the mission where T3 were to get the empty datapad in the factory? after i destroyed the 3 Hk-50s, it went BELOW the map! it juz fell below into nothingness. the other was when i just landed on Citadel Station and the Ithorians wished to speak to me. i said alright. the door open and the dialogue begin. but what puzzles me was he didn't step into the room and the door closed. so for the entire 3mins dialogue it just seemed as if i was talking to the door. funny? no.
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