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  1. uh, you mean randomly breaking? no, i mean using the durability mechanic in this update but only with non-magic weapons as they did in BG. so no breaking, just “damaged”. but i get the impression we'll get magic weapons in the game quite early so it might be an unnecessarily implementation anyway.
  2. I would still like to see a durability mechanic with non-magic weapons and armour, like BG. but, oh well...
  3. regarding getting unique items, i would prefer something in between. that is, both in dungeons and in stores. maybe an adventurer was in dire need of money and selling it to the shopkeeper was easy cash. and having a city guard in the store as in bg 2 makes it more believable that people don't just rob the place.
  4. as i said in the other thread, i wouldn't mind item degradation if it's implemented the same way it was in BG, i.e. non-magic weapons would break but as soon as you have a magic weapon you don't have to worry about it, although this won't make it a mony sink.. anyhow, since P:E has roughly the same level range as BG, i hope it will be more like BG regarding acquiring magic items and full plate armour - the feeling of accomplishment for getting these (rather basic) stuff in BG was great.
  5. I wouldn't mind item degradation if it was just in the beginning of the game, but later on it would be annoying i guess. didn't non-magic weapons brake in baldur's gate? maybe something like that, but then again, is it worth implementing such a feature if it's only going to be a part of the early game..
  6. yeah, i too don't believe Raedric's Hold is a city. actually, if you look at the old map it's easier to see which places are big cities - a bigger dot with a white circle. that would leave us with these possible cities: new heomar, road's end, echo bay, new yarma, telaneir, girrara and airana's tears. girrara is probably out of the question. but the others all seem possible since they all are roughly the same distance from dyrwood. anyhow, my wild guess would be airana's tears or telaneir.
  7. hmm, but would't that be very penalizing against mage-heavy parties? what I mean is that in the hardest difficulty it would be a lot harder for a party with several wizards than a party with just one or none. (haven't read through all of the posts so I don't know if it's been mentioned already)
  8. I guess it will take some time in the game until one finds firearms or has the money to purchase one like a full metal plate i the BG series. I wonder how much firearms will cost in P:E. Will it be more expensive than a full metal plate? and do we need to buy black powder and bullets like arrows for bowmen? that could make firearms a very costly enterprise and a strategic consideration..
  9. imagine an explosive trap with the black powder... that could be a very lethal trap.
  10. I too would like to have instant death spells in P:E. I want petrification, flesh to stone and I want me a basilisk dammit
  11. look at the chap to the right in picture 12. it looks like he is hovering above the ground
  12. I can understand going for a solo-run of the game after you've played through the game once (or several times), and you want to sort of test yourself, see if you can beat all the challenges by minute planning and preperation. personally though, i don't think i would do it...perhaps when i was younger, but i simply don't have time for it now.
  13. didn't he say that it was a place we would encounter early on in the game and that it would change during the course of the game? that sounds more like a big city #1 to me. but i might very well be wrong..
  14. did anyone notice the UI? it reads: "attack", "surge" and then something like "vampire torture"... ideas on what that can be?
  15. This. (and I think it was death fog you were referring to)
  16. don't know if it has been mentioned already, but resting/sleeping could be be used as a tool for the story too, as they used it in baldur's gate.
  17. i don't know if this has been mentioned before, but how fast will the characters regenerate stamina? fast enough to fully recuperate between encounters? will it make poison and similar effects useless? or will poison tap directly from health? is the "natural" regeneration perhaps only present between encounters? and is it governed by an attribute?
  18. yeah, i assumed they would postpone the target release date till next summer at least. that'll give them a couple of months more for production and post production. there seems to be quite a commotion in the background...sign of more interviews soon?
  19. I think I’m one of those visually impaired, and I’m afraid the combat/dialogue log will be a strain on my weak eyes… so I’m hoping for the option to increase the font size..
  20. The menu buttons on the right are way too small if you ask me. And what if a character has two summons, how will they be represented? There will be an action queue in PE right? And I presume it will be positioned in the upper middle part of the screen. So what if you want to stop (an) action(s) without moving your character? So I would like a button for cancelling all queued actions of a character. And what if you want to attack a current neutral character, right clicking on them will just initiate dialogue right? So a button for simply attacking would be needed. Concerning the health
  21. no one has added a mini map to their mock ups...there will be a mini map in the game right?
  22. i generally like the UI, but with some modifications as others have suggested, like moving combat/dialogue log to the left side.
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