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  1. Mine was a padded envelope, with some minor damage, probably from something heavy being on top of it. But everything inside the box was fine.
  2. Just received notification that my boxed copy was shipped on June 5th, and it should be delivered between June 8th and June 12th. They even shipped if FedEx.
  3. Just received notification that the boxed version of the game has shipped, looks like I will be getting it sometime this week.
  4. My order history still says Shipping Soon. I wonder why they haven't given us any idea as to when they will be ready to ship?
  5. I think so. I think I got a good value for my first kickstarter.
  6. I always start out on normal or its equivalent for the first game. So I can get a feel for the game before I step it up to hard.
  7. I keep getting a repetitive sound in the encampment at the beginning of the game. And it looks like I'm not the only one.
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