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  1. I don't care whether this game is 2D or 3D. But I do wan't this game to... A) be resolution independent, so that it will look good on my 30-inch 2560x1600 display (and all the big, high-res displays of the foreseeable future) B) have a zoom function with a reasonable range, just for convenience's sake (even though many "hardcore" gamers seem to be against anything that makes playing the game more comfortable)
  2. To each his own... I thought IWD's ending was completely unremarkable and uninteresting. PS:T on the other hand had some of the most satisfying endings I've ever seen in a video game.
  3. It doesn't make sense... but still you see this everywhere. "What's the level cap in this game? 80? That's awesome!!!" "Only 30 XP for an Ogre? Lame!"
  4. To be honest I'm not too thrilled about the idea of deities having a significant role in the game. A fantasy RPG without any gods or godlike beings whatsoever would be pretty refreshing right now. I have faith in Obsidian, though - even if not in any deity.
  5. I hope the companions in this game have sufficiently distinct personalities (reflected in their speech) so that allowing every one of them to hold conversations requires too much resources from the writing staff. I also hope the writing staff has enough resources to write complete conversation trees for all companions in addition to the protagonist, taking their distinct personalities sufficiently into account. Now I'm confused.
  6. Reactivity is great, but I don't want the whole world revolve around me. It makes the world seem small.
  7. That's just it: swords are not heavy. A german Zweihänder for example - a real two handed sword, as long as its user - typically weighs at most 3 kg (about 6.5 lb), a Scottish Claymore about 2.5 kg (5.5 lb). Swords over 4 kg do exist, but they're rare and largely ceremonial - and generally considered unwieldy. Aside from weight, swords are very well balanced. They are not sharpened baseball bats. As for war hammers, does this look like it weighs a ton: http://www.medievalwarfare.info/pics/warhammer.jpg ? That's correct. Bows each have their own draw weight, and if you can't meet that, you can't use the bow efficiently or at all. Historical longbows sometimes had pretty astronomical draw weights, that's why the best archers were trained from a young age.
  8. Actual live honest-to-god real life female human warriors used the same armor as everyone else. Breastplates were spacious enough. If not, they just got a larger one.
  9. YES! This time we want bare midriffs on male characters only! Preferably dwarven males! But I loved those in PS:T. A magic item! A goody! A clue!
  10. Here's a few off the top of my head: - Warhammers the size of a man's head - FIreworks every time I swing my sword - Absurdly spacious sewers - Humans being the one race that can be of any class or specialization - Skill trees (because they only limit your choices) - Nonsensical restrictions based on class or race (e.g. mages cannot use swords) - Nonsensical restrictions based on ability scores (cannot touch this sword until STR goes up by one) - Absurd differences in weapon quality and capability (Junk Iron Sword: damage 1-6, Superior Obsidian Sword: damage 6-60)
  11. No... I don't want this to be an inventory management game, and I definitely don't want this to be a bank account management game.
  12. I hope there'll be a very wide range of difficulty levels. The easiest setting should really be easy, but even the 'normal' should provide a hefty challenge. This is just amazingly childish.
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