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  1. Thanks for your answer, gaming is not also on my priority on my machines and I can definitively live with lower frame rate.
  2. The title says it all. I am looking to buy a new laptop, I do not need it to be a gaming beast but I would be disappointed not to be able to run the game.
  3. I totally agree, the required specs are really on the lower side... but it is incredible to see how my 5 years old machine is really outdated performance wise
  4. I believe i will be in the people who have a rig not powerful enough: intel core 2 duo gpu with 256 mb 4 gb ram Which is really enough for everyday usage. It is funny when I see people telling that their slow cpu/gpu combo is enough to run the game. I wonder if those are slow, how I should describe my rig. PS: i also have a tower with a pentium 4 that is still running
  5. Well I have not been following up forums since the end of the Kickstarter. At least I have managed my pledge and I cannot resist to drop a line here just to use my title
  6. I do not see how making a console version would bring improvement to Project Eternity. I do not want them to spend effort and money on console version. Sure there is a market for a console rpg, but I think Obsidian has already found their market which is more of a niche with people ready to spend money on a quality pc rpg inspired by old-school one.
  7. I think it must be a very severe phobia for not being able to play a game including spiders at some point. I suppose there are plenty of people not wanting to be near a real spider but being able to cope with one in movies, books or games
  8. I do not think that is so simple, i have cvv codes for years, i got a dongle and had never a single issue ordering with amazon.
  9. When looting, you could have the loot already sorted in three areas: - quest or important items - valuable items - the rest
  10. I have not read the whole thread. But let's troll a bit also, under all pledges (except the $5), the estimate delivery is April 2014 and that includes all the rewards , so I think you should show some patiente
  11. One possibility is to use paypal (if it is still up, see here http://eternity.obsidian.net). The other thing is you can contact your bank, they should be able to give you details. May be they have some security feature. Another option, is may be you have an old credit card stored in your Amazon account.
  12. Don't worry, they said the updated picture will come and that they will also publish the intermediate pictures. I have never developed a game nor ran a Kickstarter campaign but I can imagine that this is not their first priority. Everything will come in due time. For now take pleasure in seeing the unfinished picture because this will be the last update of it.
  13. I would like to correct my title, as I made a typo in it. It is "Endless Paths guide" with "s" at the end of Paths.
  14. Ok, finally I have added my $8 And I choose the title: The Endless Path guide of the Obsidian Order Which might be true or a code word for Svef dealer of the Obsidian Order
  15. good idea. I am joining now and reading only the polls to begin with. It is not fun chasing them trough the forum.
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