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  1. Very nice Post. I had similar thoughts when i saw heoden and especially Calisca dead on the Ground.
  2. the same for me, and since i dont know where to put this, i post it here. (champions edition)
  3. dont wanna blame myself, but i got a cloak of the obsidian order that i do not deserve as i guess. (i mean i like it, but i wanna stay fair).
  4. cant find my name either. and... i dont remember a survey. can i still take part?
  5. I doubt there will be a catch-all hotfix in the next few days. After all, the crashes are just a symptom of probelms with a wide variety of causes. Some of the crashes were related to the UNCL font, others to the Mono compiler, others were OS-dependant and some may be hardware-dependant. ok then i´ll need to wait, since i tried all fixes which were given here. Thx for the answer.
  6. I guess we both have to wait till the upcoming fix. I just reinstalled BGEE and BGEE2 for the waiting period.
  7. totally agree, nonetheless, i really would love to be able to play it after the tutorial. i´m happy for all of you who can play it, but originally i wanted to spend the last days of my holiday with PoE...
  8. there where several fast reactions yesterday, and they work on the problems, but i hope for a Bugfix too.
  9. thanks, i hoped for a hotfix for the gilded vale bug
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