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  1. That's a pretty ridiculous blanket statement, especially when it comes to video game writing. Games themselves could be easily seen as a series of dilemmas and problems for a player to figure out. Okay, give me some examples. Examples of what? Problem and dilemma solving in video games?
  2. That's a pretty ridiculous blanket statement, especially when it comes to video game writing. Games themselves could be easily seen as a series of dilemmas and problems for a player to figure out.
  3. That is some interesting political correct history white washing you got there. This must be the disney version of our history because it sounds too politically correct for the history I read about. Actually that poster is quite right in implying the the modern form of femininity and the role of women didn't really mature until well into industrialization, although as with anything its origins can be found far, far back. Many of our preconceived notions about what gender roles should look like in the middle/high middle age setting that most fantasy takes place in draws more from th
  4. No multiplayer, no god, please no. Obsidian is already going to be dealing with a tight budget and schedule. The creation of multiplayer, especially good multiplayer, would remove many resources and much time from the development of the single player experience. We're not talking about some inconsequential or minor feature here, like the OP seems to be implying.
  5. Well, I wasn't talking about Anders specifically. I did have an issue with the fact I couldn't let him down easy and had to lose a bunch of "yay, friendship!" points or whatever. That's less a romance issue though and more an issue with them not giving enough options for Hawke's responses. I had the same issue regarding Merril's quest. I do, however, prefer each character to have their own sexuality. Largely because it just feels more...plausible I guess. Its not really a huge issue for me in the long run though. Again, my biggest issue is just that they turn characters, no matter
  6. Most good, compelling and long stories tend to have a variety of tones and whatever. Humor is good to break up the grimdarkness a bit, makes characters a bit more likable
  7. Sure, the people actually attacking Bioware and their fans are immature, but there are many that make a good case as to why Bioware's romances in their more recent games have been pretty awful. For example: just as you said, they make sex the end goal. As to the second part of the above quote, this may take another separate thread to cover and it is a hot topic, but I feel that Bioware is entirely offensive in how they handle various sexual orientations in their games. Its pandering and, as I posted above, reduces these characters to little more than objects defined by their sexuality.
  8. I feel that one of the most interesting antagonists in games is Dagoth Ur from Morrowind. He was mysterious, legendary and pitiable all at the same time. Partly the reason why he was such a powerful character however was that the games overall plot was so interesting. The deeper you dug into the history of Morrowind, Nerevar's death and Dagoth Ur's fall the more it made you wonder if you were really doing the right thing in your quest to destroy him. Dagoth Ur only really made a couple of appearances but there was still the ever present nature about him. Really though, what works for
  9. Sure, if they do it right The way modern Bioware does it is the wrong way: everyone instantly wants to mount the main character. Pretty much no matter what you say or do you're successful. The romances are just there for wish fulfillment and, in my opinion, can become rather offensive since they turn women, men, gays, straights, what have you into nothing more than sexual objects. I much prefer BG2's style where you have both work for them and they feel natural in the way the NPC's react. Also, the point of a good romance in these type of games should be to further characteri
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