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  1. The starting equipment should reflect the class and the skills/talents/feats/whatever of the starting player. I don't really care about the method, but you should start with an equipment you are not just able to use, but which you are able to use well. Nothing more annoying than creating a light-armored warrior specialized in two-handed axes, only to spend the whole time until the first shop (which can take some time, depending on the game) in heavy armor and sword and shield.
  2. Nah, I don't really like it very much. At its core it is penalizing/restricting the player for fiddling with the party make-up (which is something I feel is a part of the old-school RPGs) in favor of what? Realism? Companion personality? Either of those can be easily reinforced in other far less annoying ways. To say nothing about all that additional tinkering to not make it totally ridiculous. What about those companions you recruit after you save them? What about those where you do their personal quests? And so on... You would need a lot of additional work just to not encounter situations like: "I am sorry PC, I know you saved my life, my father, my spouse, my village, recovered a priceless artifact for my god and my faith actually scoffs at material possession and money, but you want me to leave the party for a week or two so you can do that companion-specific quest? You better pay 10k gold." Which would basically just make a feature whose only purpose is annoy you to not suck. Well, to suck less.
  3. I think it is pretty hilarious that the whole stamina/health system is considered (or is implied) to be "dumbing down" or "streamlining" the game when it is almost directly lifted from "Darklands" a game even older, more hardcore and more oldschool then IE games.
  4. I consider objective-based XP to be pretty much the best thing that can happen to story-driven RPGs, so i am really excited by the news. And that Health/Stamina thing sounds like something from Darklands which makes me more happy than I care to describe. The only way how this could get more positive for me would be if Sawyer stopped by my house and gave me a cookie.
  5. We don't know ANYTHING about elves or dwarves except them being in the game. But I do like of the idea of race that does not have a "traditional" souls and instead share a one big powerful soul or have no souls of their own (while we are at it: Will human soul always reincarnate into human body? Or can they reincarnate into a different species? And what will that do to a soul and/or the body?) and so on. There is a lot of things you can do with souls to make a race unique.
  6. If I am not mistaken that is Red Sonja, the archetypal female barbarian hero and one of the ur-examples for chain-mail bikini. She was dating Conan the Barbarian at one point too. Also, I see that Troller is trying to honor his name.
  7. I am pretty sure that that poor woman is freezing to death.
  8. Yes for limited from me. While ordinary ammo never really affected anything in BG and BG2 as it was extremely cheap and plentiful, I liked having to check "do I actually have enough ammo?" before going to dungeon. And of course, crafting and enchanting ammo is a must. Just... Allow more than 20 arrows/bolts/bullets per stack.
  9. 25 years old. Favorite RPG? Oh boy.... Ranking by how strong is my feeling of nostalgia: Albion (first RPG I ever played beyond "looking at the pretty pictures and getting frustrated because I didn't know what to do". First RPG I ever finished too, once a translation came out a few years later. I was too young to have any grasp of English language then) Might and Magic 6 & 7 (I loved Erathia setting and how its plot was connected to Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3. I never forgave the later games that abandoned that connection) Entomorph (A REALLY weird and original rpg set in world ruled by intelligent giant insects where humans are slaves, food or worse, and main hero has ability to transform into various insect forms) Wizardy 7-8 (one of my all-times favorite, really) TES: Morrowind (another of my all-time favorites. I think that I managed to play this game exclusively for more than half a year. I don't think I can say that about any other game, MMO's included) Planescape: Torment (nothing more needed to say there) Baldurs Gate 2 (again, nothing else to say)
  10. I would agree with OP, except... From words of J.E. Sawyer himself, they were deciding between several alternative variants of the artwork, and the outcry on the forums allowed them to pinpoint which one they will use. They did not create a new artwork from scratch to appease some rabid feminazis. And thats not bad at all. Thats good. Infact, I would argue that that is exactly what these forums are here for: To help devs pinpoint which of the alternatives they are thinking about fans want in the game.
  11. If project Eternity had infinite resources available, then I would see nothing wrong with ride-able mounts and mounted combat. However Project Eternity has very limited resources, and I think there are scores of things that are more important to the game, or will enrich the game more than this.
  12. Project Eternity should give you full control over companion skills, abilities and all that jazz. Heck, Mass Effect 3 gave you full control over companion abilities and skills and that was barely a RPG. However, if we are talking about big changes in companion basic abilities, like multi-classing, changing class or prestige classes (if project Eternity will have something like that) I would prefer for it being plot and/or influence based (think turning Khelgar into Monk in NWN2 or turning your companion into Jedi in KOTOR 2) So.... I guess a combination between 1st and 2nd poll choice?
  13. World/Location/Item lore, art of all kinds and game mechanics are things that I would like to see in further updates and then later, discussed while the game is in production. Anything about the plot and plot-related lore should be discussed as rarely as possible, preferably never. I am on the fence about companions and other important characters. How they look, their class and some basic information about them would be probably ok, but nothing more than that. (alternatively when discussing characters DON'T say outright that said character is an important NPCs, companions or possible foes. Just post the art and the information. That should keep spoilers at minimum and allow for surprises in the future.
  14. The problem is that how much "dark" is "too dark" differs greatly from person to person. What do you consider "too dark"? Dragon Age? Witcher? Game of Thrones? Berserker? Warhammer 40k? But considering that one of the stated goals behind Project Eternity is to create a mature game where "mature" means "exploration of mature themes" and not "gore, nudity, sex and rock'n'roll", I dont think you have to worry too much about it.
  15. It is almost certain that once released, the game will be aviable only through digital channels like Steam or GoG. Without a publisher, the expenses for creating and distributing physical copies would have to come from Obsidians pocket (and thus from Kickstarter money) which would be ridiculously expensive.
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