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  1. Jagged Alliance 2 dealt this with perfection i think. All bodies remained on the ground, but if you spent much time there bodies started to rot and crows started gathering there. And that game is from year 2000.
  2. Can't stand all of these things, to be honest. It should still be possible to take them with you together and exactly because of their rivalery/whatever there should be interesting situations because of it. For me, it's just arbitary and the game saying "No, you can't do that. Here's exchangeable story reason #234343442.* If anyone of you have played Jagged Alliance 2 1.13, you may know that it had similiar character relationships. Some people hated each other and other loved, etc. Great thing in that game was that it was up to player to choose if he wanted to have these relationshi
  3. Hi! Ive just upped my pledge and i want to join the order. I want to be Engineer of the Obsidian order
  4. No for buffing after every rest. That is not fun, but its necessary. I`d hope that game mechanics wouldnt force you to it. But i would like to have high level spell/skill combos such as timestop+improved alacrity+spell trigger to spawn 3 skeletons and after that you spam finger of death 5 times before time stop ends. Thats possible in bg2 with items, that improve casting time...
  5. If you put something like this in game, that brakes combat flow, atleast make option to turn it off. I dont want to be watching same long animation every time i fight. Mayby once. Anybody remember knights of the roundX8 in ff7 While fighting ruby or emerald.
  6. I think also that there should be a mix. Some , but not the greatest weapons should be tied to questlines, but not all. I always loved how you "could" get daystar and ring of gaxx in bg2 by killing impossible bosses. I want more secret legendary items which you are not forced to obtain by some stupid quest . So no for granpas old armor sets and etc. But i look forward to kill demons and gods guarding tremendous loot which will really reward you. But it also sucks that now i know exactly where i will find every boots of speed and legendary weapon. I would like little randomization in game s
  7. Im oke with influence and such things, if you make it invisible. So that game won´t show "You gained +2 influence to Jaheira". I would like if there were one implemented in game so that you wouldn´t notice it. It would just run in background. And at some point of the game you would notice that some things you´ve said few weeks earlier made somebody angry or etc. But i think that you ment the same thing. I also know how it is to hunt influence point for Khelgar in conversations and it sucks.
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