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  1. How about a minor god who is trying to disprove the existence of gods? You could make it a mini-dungeon, where you get through his followers (who follow the god so he can disprove the gods) and when you finally face him, you can take him out by combat (which is possible because his own disbelief limits his divine abilities) or you can talk at him so good he poofs out of existence, like the debate memory in Planescape Torment. Edit: A story-telling goddess relevant to the chanter class would be cool, she can wander around being a badass, righting wrongs, and telling stories, like Caine from
  2. Another designer allows for the world to become that much bigger and comprehensive.
  3. Good story and good gameplay do not have to be exclusive. The main distinction between games and other mediums of art is the ability to interact with the piece. We do this through gameplay, whether it be combat, minigames, or dialogue trees. A good game will use gameplay to reinforce themes in the story and the story is used to support the desire to play the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Josh Sawyer said something to this affect in one of the videos/interviews they've done. Another thing is story is a lot harder to get across than gameplay mechanics. A good story requires bui
  4. I don't think you need to worry, it seems like exploration is one of their design focuses, hell this is right from the Game Details section of the Kickstarter "Project Eternity will take... the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate". Along with Josh Sawyer as one of the lead designer's, I imagine we'll be getting a fully realized and explorable world from Obsidian. We can also look at Sawyer's last game, New Vegas, which was absolutely rich with detail if you looked for it while still maintaining an interesting fractional storyline that was very non-linear. The only thing I think New Vegas could h
  5. Could be really neat, they kinda already played a lot with this idea in Mask of the Betrayer and it turned out really well.
  6. They are still getting basic systems worked out, nothings in stone except a few key details (Souls are important, Unity is the engine being used). Any stretch goals they add are going to get the same amount of development time everything else is, with the help of more staff members that are being paid with the stretched funding. Obsidian has been planning this for a long time and are fully aware of what their studio and staff are capable of. If they were just adding things willy-nilly without being sure they could deliver, you'd see mod tools as a stretch goal already.
  7. That was supposed to say Drowned, not Drow. The "ned" got cut off.
  8. So you're saying people would pirate this game because they can't get ONE in game item? In this case, I call bull**** and say those people weren't going to buy the game anyways. Yes, that is what I'm saying. As soon as the game is out, people are going to torrent the "Backer version" they can't otherwise get. Who cares about one item you say? A lot of people do, even if it's only cosmetic. It's simply greed on obsidians side, they may get a little bump in the kickstarter phase, but it will hurt them in the long run. I think the people who would pirate the game because of a sil
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