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  1. Thanks for asking nicely. I'll comply. There will be no more pics. To be fair, I've tried to do exactly that in every post I've made. As I have pointed out to a mod already, the "resize" feature of this board does not work. As they did not stretch the screen beyond its normal format (which is the usual etiquette cutoff for such things), I left things lie. Especially since no one said anything about the equally large paladin pics, the Odin pics, etc. etc. Not that it will matter. After today I will not be coming back. I don't think any of this - my own contributions included - is wo
  2. I briefly wanted to as well but there's some lines I won't cross. Bronies have many powers that the Codex considers ... unnatural. I don't expect everyone to have respect for my other hobbies. That's cool, and I've got a thick skin to it, as I remember a time when being a gamer was even worse for one's social standing than cartoon horses will ever be. But if the folks from the Prestigious Gaming Magazine can almost respect me, then I must have one HELL of a good point. These are guys who wouldn't listen to a Brony warn them that their fingernails were on fire.
  3. I ... I don't get it. I thought I did. I did get it with the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanbase. The series creators, once they established an interesting story and intricate setting, then proceeded to deliberately use romance as a subplot. But they only began developing these romances during the last minute of screentime for the entire series, opting instead to leave them at the "tee hee hee" phase for years of airtime. The fanbase, having been lead to expect romance subplots to accent the main story arc, became understandably frustrated with this snail's pace development and create a mou
  4. All of them. I can't see there being a single list of narrative decisions that you can make in order to get great results every time; the art of storytelling does not lend itself to soulless concepts like "best practices." When I first heard of Disney's Gargoyles TV series back in 1994, I was sure I wouldn't like it: a serious show from a studio whose best output for years had been comic? What a terrible combination of elements! But when what I got was this: http://youtu.be/XfF6ktzfPC4 I changed my mind quick. There really isn't any swearing blood, or killing after the second episo
  5. To be honest, when I first saw the title of this thread, I thought of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-Tcl6qvfy4 I suppose the way the title is worded just made it sound like we were talking about a game that had already been released, and so I thought PE rather than P: E. I know that one issue in games - especially games where there is supposed to be more than one body type model (for non-humans in fantasy and sci fi games, for instance), is that it can be very tempting to cut corners by creating as few body/character models as they can get away with. That's why Wynne in Dra
  6. The Pro - Romance Camp (Complete with MCA style twist(ed) ending): The Anti - Romance / Hater Camp (me included ): Maybe we should just spend the next two years just having romances and meaningful relationships in our lives instead.
  7. I just want to make a few general points. Re: all fantasy games until now were set in the Dark Ages: I wish. The only games I know of that have taken inspiration from the post Roman Age of Migration, or the later Viking Age is the Japanese Valkyrie Profile series. Most fantasy seems to be more or less analogous to Norman era England, (or, well, Norman - era Normandy). You'll typically see kings of large kingdoms in stone castles, with knights and a landed aristocracy, rather than the wooden mead halls and tribal chieftains of 6th century Denmark. In fact, given the enduring popularit
  8. There is wisdom in your words, Miyagi-sensei. It's just that I recall at least four of these sorts of threads, and if the developers listen to them (as they have listened to other postings so far), I fear it will affect the end product for the worse; and we only have a few days left to make up our minds about the project. A. You're right. Nothing I wrote fits in this thread. The key, I suppose, is that I defined "historical elements" as cool, real life features of past civilizations that could be used and adapted to make the game world richer, while other posters seemed focused only o
  9. I would be interested to see various sorts of currency in circulation (sometimes multiple currencies in a single area), sea travel that is unpredictable (perhaps not an instakill, but you might not end up where you had intended, in fact certain side quests could be started this way), a scholarship language like Greek, Latin, Arabic, or Sanskrit used by the educated classes, the ability to attend important political events like the Icelandig Althing and ... *Reads thread.* http://youtu.be/9zSHz7Thvbc I've been playful up until now, but I feel I need to be, if not rude, then a bit sh
  10. I am currently in a replay of Icewind Dale, and the amount of voice acting in that game is just right. The characters you play as are not voiced beyond their selection/action sounds, bu those are well done. Dialogue is memorable because characters respond to whether you are a dwarf, bard, elf, gnome, or whatever. You get different dialogue options based on your stats, race, class, gender, and who in the world you have already talked to and what you know. None of that was voiced. That said, Icewind Dale has some of the best villains I have ever heard. It really is a shame that they are not
  11. Oh, Castle, my love. Thy spires stretch to heaven like marvels of beauty not of this earth. Thy moat graces thy walls like the train of the most elegant of gowns. The catapults that line thy battlements stare out to the horizon with a gaze that pierces stone and soul. Come then, lower thy drawbridge and raise thy portcullis, so that I may besiege thee Not with force of arms, but with the unyielding might of my adoration for thee. Edit: I'm not certain what they could say to make me pledge more. I know I'd pony up for a soundtrack if I knew the game would have live music fo
  12. You mean ... orchestration wasn't a core goal to begin with? Arcanum just would not have been Aracnum without its string quartet. To be certain, some excellent work can be done with modern tools and a gifted composer, as the first two Fallout sountracks attest. But just try imagining the Star Wars opening crawl with a competent-but-obvious synthetic track rather than the London Symphony Orchestra. It just is not the same. That movie (A New Hope at least) was made on a shoestring budget, so I had always thought that hiring a few good, non-famous musicians - or even an orchestra - would
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