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  1. Yet another crash here. Same as everybody: I can move around freely inside the Keep but trying any of the exits hangs the game. Any word from the devs yet? Edit: answering my own question (due to improper prior forum search, I apologize):
  2. I join the OP in saying THANK YOU to all of you, both fans/gamers and the devs. *PISH, opens a beer bottle (chocolate stout)*. Cheers! For Project Eternity!
  3. I definitely like this idea. There could be a number of "barriers" that prevent going further down the dungeon unless a quest item is brought or a specific quest is completed. Having an outside plot item relate to the dungeon would a nice way to tie it up to the rest of the world.
  4. What nobody is mentioning is that Obsidian was aiming for april 2014 as a release date from the beginning. Considering the game is already 2x larger content-wise than it was at the start, I'd figure time will be short, unless they delay release. What I'm saying is that adding more content with extra stretch goals will only make the time issue stricter.
  5. Kinda agree with you, I trust Obsidian too. I guess the point is that since Obsidian will deliver a polished product, more promised content means a longer development time. I'm happy with the game as it looks right now. No need to add more to it.
  6. I went with the $65 physical tier, because I want the boxed version with printed manual. I'm usually a digital download guy (it's been ages since I bought the last boxed game) but PE is already a special game, and I want to have the box for future nostalgia (like my Baldur's Gate 2 box does).
  7. ^ This. We got quite a lot of content already. Let's focus the extra income on making it a reality.
  8. Already pre-ordered. Can't wait! The expanded multiplayer and resolution is really attractive. Something to keep me distracted while I wait for Eternity. Just this weekend I undusted my old Baldur's Gate 2 copy and installed it. While it runs in Windows 7, I can't go higher than 800x600 without graphical glitches (yes, I know BG2 has unsupported higher resolutions - what I'm saying is that I tried them and they don't play well with my system). Controls feel a bit clumsy too. But all this will be fixed with the EE! Yay!
  9. Thanks for your feedback, guys. I'll think I'll just add the shipping fees to my pledge. Should be easier on OE's logistics and it'll push the pledge level a tiny bit.
  10. I just upped my pledge level to $65 because I want to get the boxed version. The tier indicates I should add $15 for international shipping (I live in Mexico). Should I include the $15 right now in my pledge (making it $80), or can I pay that when the game ships? Thanks.
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