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  1. I just wanted to say that I find the overall design of the Blood Woman to be pretty interesting. I do they accomplished the goal of familiar but with a little added flare. I would also like to add that the design reminds me of the type of preservation found in bog bodies. As an aside, if you have never seen what happens when a body is preserved in a bog then you should really google it as it's pretty fascinating. I would love to see some more inspiration for other undead creatures to be taken from this type of source. Some of the images of these preserved bodies are pretty unsettling, but
  2. Agreed, It is really sad to know that so many interesting ideas were cancelled. Especially the Aliens RPG, KotOR 3 and even Alpha Protocol 2, I can only hope one day at least one of them may get a second chance. I will also join in the chorus to call for a remastered KotOR 2. I know it really is out of Obsidian's hands, even more so now with LucasArts owned by Disney, but I would love to see The Sith Lords restored. Even after 8 years, I still believe it one of the most interesting Star Wars tales ever told.
  3. I do have a suggestion of what I believe should be avoided in developing a god of Death. Please don't make death or destruction a one dimensional boogie man. It seems many fall into the trap of envisioning death or other unplesant forces as only evil that must be vanquished by good. From the perspective of a mortal death is scary, but in the grand scheme death is merely an end to a great cycle. Death, given the lack of great restoritive medicine or magic, is a common part of life for everyone and thus would be treated with a level of respect. Perhaps, Life and Death are just different aspe
  4. I agree with DeathQuaker and other before him, I would rather see a smaller pantheon (a core six, eight gods) than a unwieldy set of 30 gods. With fewer gods, it hopefully becomes easier to write and manage unique stories and conflicts between them. I would suggest that we or Obsidian identify a set of basic concepts/ideas/forces that govern the world. These ideas should be at their most fundamental level. This could include, but not limited to: Souls, Life, Death, Nature, Time, etc. Once these forces are identified then the base gods of the pantheon should be developed from them.
  5. I would love to see a companion that you're never actually sure if he/she/it is really your ally. Perhaps something similar to Kreia would be interesting to see done.
  6. This is just my two cents, I thought the romances with the Handmaiden and Visas Marr in KotOR 2 were very well done and actually added to the story. I personally don't think a romance must happen, but can remain an option in a companions storyline that actually impacts or is commented on within the game rather than happening in a vacuum.
  7. I think a huge dungeon would be great as long as it has a legitimate place with the world of Project Eternity. Either a questline or a well layed out story told in the dungeon's background would be great!
  8. I second leshy and Pangur, It feels great to be a part of PE and this amazing community! Thanks Obsidian!
  9. I'm not sure if I made the list. I'll just polish the bar and mind the inn patiently. Oops, spoke too soon! Thanks!
  10. I'm honestly amazed at the outpouring of support from the Order members and those individuals who have put in so much work. I've never seen an online community come together in such a way. Bravo everyone!
  11. Hello...I am Torgo, Innkeeper of the Obsidian Order. I take care of the place while the Master is away.....
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