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  1. How come? "Obsidian Order of the Goat Knight Commander" how. Obsidian order + Order of the Goat (from Broken Sword) + character limit...
  2. Part three already? Did we break the forum or what? Anyway, could my title be changed from "Knight" to "Knight Commander" or do we already have one?
  3. I'd take it as part of the $500 tier, but wouldn't shell out money for it if it was an add on. Not if we're talking $20+, which would probably be necessary. Making it part of the $500+ tiers means Obsidian already knows they need 436(+equivalent Paypal tiers) copies, which means they'd be in a better position to talk with their printer company and get a good add on price. And they're thinking of making this a full blown PnP RPG if economically feasible, so this might be a good first step in that direction.
  4. This is the problem, people trying to tell other people what fun is proper and what isn't. Especially if "proper" means "PC" and everyone who disagrees is a "bad person". People disagreeing with you (general you) about what they want to do in a computer game doesn't make them "bad" or wrong, and if you can't accept that, it's not my problem.
  5. It's their decision, not ours, but if you ask me... Definitely yes. They want to get away from publishers and live their own professional dream. I would like it very much if they helped other indie gaming studios to do the same. Although I have to say that's a problem as this means I will sink even more money into Kickstarter in the next years. Games I'd like to play don't seem to get funding by standard publishers, so it would be better for my wallet if they got none at all. Still, it would mean less fun.
  6. I'll just keep it. The title might be because I had to contact the admin here to even get a forum account because their spam filter at registration delivered a false positive...
  7. I'm in both orders and had to get this into 40 characters. "Walkir, Knight Commander of the Order Order"... I think you have an "order" too many.
  8. Well, they're building a whole world from scratch. Having some random house in a city dedicated to the Order would be a drop in the bucket. Now, if it had any influence on the plot, sell weapons or something, that'd be different. But personally, I'd be more than happy with some random house in a city where a bunch of drunken guys sits and pretends they're the mighty Obsidian Order.
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