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  1. Just for reference, what the devs have announced so far is here. Also of particular note from, this update, two pieces concerning world lore: Both of which indicate a weapon of mass destruction, though whether it was a technological or divine achievement (or both) remains to be seen.
  2. Some of my favorite v/o work is still Kevin Michael Richardson's narration and in Baldur's Gate. Excellent stuff. Less a fan of his Sarevok, but that is more a personal preference than anything. Seeing him in a similar role for PE would be awesome. Or if not for the game, maybe as the narrator for the audiobook of the novella that Avellone is doing!
  3. Tim you nut. Love it. Edit: one of the funnest parts of this update was watching Adam futz around with it on USTREAM for like 20 minutes : P
  4. This makes a ton of sense to me. One thing I would be interested to know is if they're using the current Kickstarter funds in the budget of the expansion which they've confirmed. My guess is that since it is included in all tiers $165 and above that they are, however this seems like it would be a great place to direct funds once the Kickstarter officially ends.
  5. See, that's what I thought too... but then I turned 8 on its side AGAIN. Now I'm stuck in an infinite loop until I run out of cash.
  6. I think the most important thing as far as voice acting is narration. Provided Project Eternity is the kind of game that will support narration (I hope so), I think this is far and away the best place you could put your voice acting budget. Bring back Kevin Michael Richardson! That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the level of voice acting done in games like BG, BG2 and P:T. Some important scenes and characters are voiced, as are emotive responses, but the majority of dialogue relied on text.
  7. Everyone knows that if you turn 8 on its side you get infinity, but did you know that if you turn infinity on its side you get 8 more dollars? Henceforth I shall be: Parhelion13, Ascendant of the Obsidian Order
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the $140 tier you also reap the benefits of all previous tiers, meaning that you still get the digital version of the Collector’s Book. I can understand the appeal of having a dead tree version myself, but it is something at least.
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